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★rhetorical questions

A rhetorical question is asked for effect or thought,rather than an answer.

wits to that


In response to what’s his name?‘s post:
this is a fun thread! I would address the creator of this thread, though by the time I post it, he creates magically into someone new.

so- to creator of this thread, thank you for your creativity! thank you for the fun! thank you for the smiles! thank you for you!

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    ok a rhetorical…. hmmm
    If experience cannot adequately be expressed, why do we think we can share ours with others?
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    If we know where joy is created… inside, why do people spend so much trying to find it?
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Obviously I didn’t write the next ones lol

All that matters is how I choose to spend this moment.

I am living the Divine plan which includes wonderful health, wealth, happiness, and perfect self-expression for me now

Jerry to George: Do you know how difficult it is for me

 to tell people I even know you!

Elaine:Jerry it's 4 in the morning,I'm at a cockfight

what am I clinging to?

Never stop exploring


Robert:Something going on between you and Shumacker?

Faye:Not any more.


"Ya so what do you want me to do"

Paul Vitti



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The applications of gratitude and blessing are virtually unlimited, can be used by anyone, require no waiting periods or large capital investments, transcend ideological differences, and are wonderfully contagious.


Never stop exploring

How about a little contrast scarecrow?

Never stop exploring

What ya thinkin there stranger'
I would love to tell ya the ambiance isn't quite right though

Can you give me a hint,I can give all

kinds of hints,can you give me your number

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