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★The Infamous Dollar (:

Have you found ways to be more thrifty with the basics?

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

my living costs are about to increase dramatically in the next two weeks due to moving somewhere much closer to work, i guess i need to feel teh squeeze before i’m willing to start being more thrifty, i’m hoping that by having less free money to spend in the future i will be more motivated on my entreprenerial pursuits to become financially independent

Lee and I have learned to be quite thrifty. Most of the furniture in our house has been either found or bought second hand. Or it’s been passed through family. We’re usually pretty good at not buying new things, and only do when we know it will be an investment and not something that’s disposable.

I guess in our part of the world and because of our existing lifestyle (veg*n, no car, small house etc) we haven’t felt the so called ‘crunch’ yet. It’s also nice to have little savings buffer too.

No Car?!!

I couldn’t imagine:)

I’d probably be in very good shape though:)

I would also like to hear more about your minimalist view.

I guess being a minimalist is related to our values and this helps us prioritize our needs. Yes as a young couple it would be great to see the latest movie or subscribe to a magazine that all our friends read but it’s just not us. We cook at home a lot because I love cooking, eating out most of the good food in our area is cheap anyway and we have the support of each other and our close friends to maintain it. When lee and I moved in together we thought alot about our values and goals and where we would like to see ourselves in the future. So all of these actions have a purpose which also means we’re less likely to feel like we’re missing out

Ah a topic close to my heart :)

Seven years ago, my son was born, I made a choice not continue a full time work-outside-the-home career so I could concentrate on bringing up my son and homeschooling him. It was obvious that I need to spend less money so I adjusted a few things in my life – as a result of my new habits, I now spend less but have ended up make lots of money working from home. I am happy to report that my bank balance is really healthy and I am now saving up to buy land.

I am also a minimalist.

Here are the things I love to do that save me money:

I don’t live in a major city. I am 2 hours west in the mountains away from Sydney. My rent is dirt cheap. I have a huge house and land I can grow food on. I LOVE there are no shopping malls here. There is the local fruit shop, the newsagents, bakery, cafe, deli, pubs etc. I live in town, I walk to shop/get coffee.

I grow my own food when I can – I also get surplus food from the community garden, they have HEAPS of apples at harvest time, I just go and pick to my hearts content (gathered up in my skirt!!!) and we have apple and rhubarb crumble for weeks! Right now we have some baby corn plants just sprouted, I planted out 4 rows of 5. I love gardening – but have been traveling around Australia for the last 2 years – So I am am over the moon I have started a garden this year. I want to grow gojis – I have 3 plants but have had a harsh winter in Sunny Corner (it snowed hard this year) so I need to get more stock from the family farm. Did I tell you I am from a long line of farmers? My last name means fertility in Chinese.

Buying clothing secondhand and having clothing swaps. Even though I am a minimalist, I am a designer and I love clothing. I love colour, texture and shapes. I do a bit of sewing as well. Having clothes swaps means I get to have a good “bring a plate” meal with the girls as well, so that’s always a plus :)

Cooking – I’m an intuitive cook. I can make a meal out of “nothing in the cupboard” ingredients – it’s easier with a kitchen garden :) There is nothing better than a home cooked meal and someone who’s volunteered to wash the dishes. I have progressed away from “cookbooks” – I’ve got a few Nigella and Veganomicon that I refer to.

I barter my skills as either a healer, cook or IT specialist for treats such as healings, massages, musical instruments (I now have a CELLO!) etc.


Computers (only the best!!!)
Food – organic – full fat – THE BEST!
Education (music and ballet lessons)


… I’d travel more, to exotic places.

I want to do more traveling. I’m going to Europe next year. Finland, France and Scotland. If I had more money I’d go to places like Minsk, Antarctica, Greenland and Iceland (I like the cold). Hang on, we are talking about saving money right????

My tip is to have at least 1 day a week where you don’t spend any money. I don’t even have to try anymore, I don’t go near my purse for 3 – 4 days a week.


lol Freya, I agree on the telecommunications, our Internet bill is by far our largest lol.

Also agree on computers, you have to get your work done! And of course books (and ebook readers, with free downloads or some paid ones from the Sony Store :P) I haven’t done a course in a while so books are my education too :P

Absolutely agree with the food!

Your place sounds fantastic!

Gojis are fantastic! We used to eat lots of them, now it’s only when we buy this particular nut mix. Perhaps we should get back into them!

“How easy it is in our life, to miss what’s being offered.” — Paul Haller

This Peter Schiff video explains what to do about it. Unfortunately no one is listening, except for you guys! Congrats :)

laurie, i created an Eco Tourism / Volunteer Work / Reforestation project in Ecuador with my good friend who lives over there, www.ecuadorecoadventure.com

we have one person working there full time and two part time, when my friend finishes Uni and has more time on his hands we are going to ramp things up and grow and grow and grow, our aim is to become the biggest eco tourism in the province we are based in, and of course much of our profits will be channeled back into the environment and poor indigenous communities.

another project i will begin working on soon is a directory for high altitude mountain climbing, should help make me financially independent :)

I don’t notice the #damncreditcrunch… I am almost double booked till christmas and booked till end of jan, then I’m taking a holiday for 4 weeks …

I am not sure about the rest of the country, but it doesn’t feel like it’s in recession, people have work, they’re spending money…


I agree freygan, I was just at the shops this morning (splurging on getting my nails done for party :) ) and the salon was overflowing, they were turning people away. Admittedly, it’s the cheapest salon in town but still, people are either not feeling the crunch or are in denial lol

hi freygran ,i just love the description of where you live and your lifestyle ,been reading through some of the old threads .

The main key to all money situations is to not think in lack.

With all the affirmations we do we should not be even thinking about not having enough.

If we really look at it we always have everything we need and more. The Universe does not want us to be lacking. I know that this is easier said then done when all the bills are due and you don’t have the money to cover them.

Or you think you do not have the money to cover it. Then miraculously the bill is paid. We need to focus on all we have and we will get more of it.

I know this to be true, because I have been on the lacking end for so many years that I thought there was no other way, but I was wrong. I say my affirmations, I tap a lot, and I have been enjoying some really great things as of late.

If we can keep the mindset of abundance and not saving money; there will be more then you can handle, HONEST. The way you think of money makes all the difference in the world. You have to have the same energy vibration as money to receive it. I Love the Energy of Money. I have more Money then I need today and always.

You all have written affirmations for money use them, believe them and don’t try and figure out how, just know you will.

Bless you with abundance


Attitude Life Coach, helping others to see the Power of a Positive Attitude with Affirmations and Gratitudes, Learn to be The Creator of Your Life.

thanks Roxy ,i had a lettertoday saying i need to find an extra £37 a month and the sums for money coming in and money going out dont add up ,heres a chance for me to focus on abundance thinking .Is it negative thinking to look at ways to save money – things like buying medium sliced bread instead of thick because you get 3 more slices or is that being positive and doing something about it .My heads so muddled with all sorts at the moment .love flowergirl

In response to rockswealth’s post:
I’m a firm believer in most of what you’re saying..Though I must add..being proactive is not fear it is a reality to life.

Some people do not have enough to pay their basic roof over head bills, and don’t know how much is coming in, or going out. They spend on things they “need”, and never take a moment to reexamine life and their spending habits.

Yesterday, I found a way to save 20.00 a month in my acct. This may not seem like a big deal, but this is huge to me. I had to put aside the time to think about things to make this happen. I have ideas on how to reduce other things..and I will.

And I do believe like you do..I have been praying and doing affirmations about money coming from unusual places…anywhere..lol And the other day..I was sorting the mail..and hadn’t opened one yet,because I assumed it was another bill. It was a check..money owed to me from a very unlikely source, that I do not need to pay back!!!

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

In response to flowergirl’s post:

It is not necessarily negative, but it could put you in the mind set of lack which is not what you want to do. What you could do is change the way you think of the medium slice compared to the thick. Thinking I will get the medium sliced bread because I can taste more of the sandwich as a whole and not just the bread. That way you are creating a personal preference. I am sure in one of my previous posts I sent out the Prayer for Unexpected Income, what I have been doing as of late is not only say the prayer, but tap at the same time. In fact I tap to all of my prayers and affirmations, to me I feel the energy shifting as I go. If you do not have the prayer, I will send it to you. I have it posted on my wall in the restroom so every time I go I pray. LOL

I hope this helps and I will send my best wishes for abundance to you.
God Bless

Laurie, isn’t it nice to know that the Universe hears you.

Attitude Life Coach, helping others to see the Power of a Positive Attitude with Affirmations and Gratitudes, Learn to be The Creator of Your Life.

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