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★Favorite healthy foods and why˚

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    2008! (thread from 2008)
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  • I love good tasting healthy foods. It’s a passion with me to plan and prepare foods that are good for the well-being of myself and those I’d like to share them with. I’d love to hear about foods you enjoy—and why you choose/love them.Image result for Favorite healthy foods pics

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

when i lived in Ecuador i was eating exotic organic food everyday, there was this tomatoe fish soup with popcorn on top called Encebollado that i would eat every morning for breakfast (sounds disgusting but it was incredible!) and there are about 5 different types of bananas and avacados, everything was so tasty fresh and healthy.

now i’m back in Sydney i can’t really afford fair trade and organic, normally i just eat out at cheap resteraunts because i’m an horrible cook :p Indian, Thai, Mexican, and italian are my favorite foods.

My favourite food is homegrown snow peas :) Because I know it’s incredibly fresh and lots of love went into growing it.

Other than that – I LOVE LOVE sprouts. My fave sprout is the mung bean. But I eat green lentil, chick pea and alfalfa too. I usually have at least two jars of sprouts on the go at any one time.


Organic field mushrooms cooked in extra virgin olive oil, loads of organic chili flakes, a little sea salt and a tiny bit of cracked pepper. All of this placed on top of a slice of delicious fresh organic kamut bread.

Followed by a black tea (no milk) to ease the chili tingles.

I could eat this all day everyday. Mushrooms and hot chili peppers are way underrated and fresh organic kamut bread almost makes me forget about my coffee and croissant cravings.

“How easy it is in our life, to miss what’s being offered.” — Paul Haller

oooh yeah…

fresh mushrooms from the pine forest – with garlic and basil, liberally salted on sour dough! oh yeah, and butter :) Have to have butter.


I really love baking.

I make bread lots and love making bagels, it’s because it takes patience – time. I love the way bagels expand when I boil them :)

I have my own sourdough crock, but have not started it yet because it’s been so cold up here lately. It snowed on the weekend and we are only a week away from summer!

Tip: Don’t use metal (bowls, spoons etc) when proving bread because yeast is inhibited by it, by the time you get to baking – a metal baking tin is ok.


favourite foods would have to be anything with grains, I love rice and quinoa right now!! There is a great recipe for quinoa stuffed eggplant. Mmmmmmmm food I love food! Fruit too dried and fresh, mango and mulberry pancakes :drool: this thread will make hungry :)

speaking if baking Freygan have you ever made your own croissants? I have read lots about the process but would need to do it with a flour other than wheat, is it possible?

mel – I once made a pie crust with quinoa, barley and brown rice. Make the grains all mushy, then line a pie tin with the mush. Fill with mushroom, vegie stew and top with nutritional yeast. Bake and serve. So good with rocket :)

laurie – yes I’ve made croissants. Haven’t tried it with any other flours – it’s something that needs processed flour, wholemeal doesn’t work. But I reckon non wholemeal spelt would be your best bet. Don’t try oat… it is too stodgy.


that pie sounds great freygan! I’ll have to look around for some spelt too. I think when I go to my parents house at Christmas I will use their big kitchen to play around with making croissants. they also have a big fridge for the day long cooling of the dough. Gotta love parents!

I bought raspberries today! mmmmm I love berries!

In response to melt86's post:

love eggplant20-of-the-Best-Healthy-Food-Instagrammers-abdkitchen.png


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someone brought me some delicious mangos from their tree & it was beyond delicious

drenching with juicy flavor (and it is good for me) (:images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTgUKmFU7nCRgP-79DmUtDpPRTPLQpS9ctgmwYboQBFL9nMB20R

from WHF

Worlds Healthiest Foods info on Mangos-Season The Mango season varies from variety to variety. Some mango trees prefer a winter climate in the tropics, while others enjoy the summer months. For this reason, you can find Mangos in your supermarket year round.





Image result for mangos healthy because delicious because quote pic



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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

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