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★Welcoming my self

when happiness comes knocking

After a talk with a very special lady last night I realised it is time to be my best friend ,not my worst enemy .The inner bully has been evicted and although she is still visiting my mind she is not allowed to stay .

I have just bought this book called “Breathing Room -open your heart by de cluttering your home” and it looks so good .I have an hour on the train each way to work today so that gives me lots of reading time .

The time is right to step into a place of peace instead of the silent scream of chaos .The bully likes the chaos in my home and my head but my best friend wants a calm ,cosy welcoming home and a head that can think clearly and focus as well as being able to relax .

I would like to share here ,maybe a bit like a diary as I walk along this new path

open your heart and de clutter

this is long but so good

Yes declutering is on my agenda also.
Hopefully I will do some each day.

I have only read a bit of this book so far but am loving it .It is not the usual get three boxes and bin /donate/put away but is about looking into your heart and soul .

yesterday was a lovely day .I was working and had so many wonderful conversations with customers about such a variety of subjects – Autumn equinox, Eid ,crystals ,angels ,candles

also during a chat with the kindest lady I changed my thinking from how I have been seeing myself ,previously I thought I wasn’t doing very well at anything but we were talking about running a home /finances and I saw myself through different eyes

I am a full time student in 3rd year of a bachelors degree

I work part time

I am a single Mum to three wonderful grown up kids

I am managing to provide a home for us

this is the girl that often tells herself “you are thick /stupid /lazy /hopeless /rubbish with money /live in a very messy house /should do better “

The energies around this equinox are so gentle and loving but so strong .I am loving becoming my best friend

awesome Flowergirl! beautiful thread(:



When your mind is busy with fearful or negative thoughts, say directly to those thoughts, “You are not invited to my party!” Nancy Balestrini

flowergirl, I remember this thread... remember how much I loved it ... for you ...and the energy I took away from it for me.

 I barely remembered the videos, so watched them today.

It gave me a boost for a current sorting project I am taking time for.


Thanks for all you share!



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Flower Girl, I found your de cluttering post inspiring, and it reminded me that I need to do just that! I hope you are making gains in this endeavor. I also applaud your courage to evict the “bully in your house”. It makes me glad for you that you feel some acceptance and approval from your self!

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