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The Challenge:
Sit or recline in a comfortable position with paper and pen in hand.

On paper you love, and using your favorite pen:
make dots down the side of your paper, and the back of that paper and another sheet or 2->until you have 150 dots. Don’t number your paper, just use dots. Some people get caught up with where they’re at (what number they are on), rather then how great they are doing. So just use dots as numbers.

Write everything you can think of-> a project, a task that has to do with a person, place or thing in any category of your life, that lacks closure that on some level (high, medium or low priority) that needs attention.

Clear out your mind. Most people take more time clearing out a drawer that their unbelievably over-stuffed mind. Relax it will all come pouring out. Initially you’ll come up with a quick 5 or 10. Then relax and think of everything and anything in your personal and professional life. Don’t skip any areas. Don’t try to put things in order. It will flow.

Many of these things will overlap-no worries. Keep it goin’. If you don’t reach 150 that’s fine. Just use 150 as a goal. Though if you want to reach 150, take another day. Not necessary though.

This will not take you as long as you think. Though it will make you think more clearly and creatively when you’re through.

This is step 1.
Step 2 is in your court. You will know what to do, when you’re done.
You will see what things you’ve wanted to do that never sees the light of day. And you will see what keeps popping up in different ways, but somehow all connected to many. Don’t worry keep the list flooding out out of your mind. You will know what to do, and will feel great!

I was inspired to start the thread after listening to David Allen tape Getting Things Done.

I wasn’t writing when I was feeling overwhelmed, I actually began to feel better due to him stating a few things that I listed in the thread I started.

Let me know of your experiences after doing this exercise. Even if you’ve done something like it before, please try it again. Bet it has been awhile.

ahhh to clean out the mind(:

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

Laurie, I’ve been making mandalas for a while now. You talking about dots made me think of it! I create mandalas to reflect my state of mind and my environment. Everyone of them are different and I love to flip through my mandala books to see what I’ve done over the years. It’s better than a diary because there are no words, just beautiful patterns and each pattern reminds me of what I did, what I was thinking and who I was with. And it does help me to meditate and unload. On more than one level.

Go the dots!


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