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★Hypnosis Question

Is hypnosis dangerous

Can anyone use hypnosis

If I use hypnosis in how many day will I see results

Can I use hypnosis for others

Can abeginner use Hypnoosis

I want to use hypnosis for positive thoughts, knowledge, wisdom, intellegent, genius, memory, beautiful face, fair skin, clear skin, strength, energetic, money, wealth, bussiness, happiness, joyful, confidence, smartness studies, and success

And I want to know if I could use hypnosis to get rid of negative thoughts, depression, stress, memory problems, problems, struggles, money problems, bussiness problems, fatigue, sadness, angry, stubborn, black magic, curses, bad luck, sleepy eyes, dandruff, laziness, obstacles, And if I use hypnosis for positive thought in how many days will I see results.

I have not had much experience with hypnosis, however when my brother was young (12 I think) he was went through a hypnosis session for a health issue. I seem to remember him being ‘cured’ so to speak. I would recommend working through hypnosis with a friend or therapist so to help you focus on your goals. you have alot of areas you want to make progress with and it may be best to work through these in stages. If you have someone to talk through the hypnosis with they may be able to help you deal with the negative thoughts as well.

Just my 2c

I sought a hypnotist a few years back to help overcome an anxiety issue. I was stuck in a bad place in my life and needed assistance to get out of it. I thought hypnotism may help. I met for one session with the hypnotist in his home office. It felt safe, and our session went well. I was ‘under’ rather quickly. I believe, however, that this is a function of my wanting this to succeed.

In the long run I can’t say that it had any effect. And, frankly, I don’t like (regret) being unconsciously open to someone’s suggestion without the defense of reason. I think hypnotism is evidence of our ability to manipulate the way we perceive and interact with our environment. Much the same way you intrinsically know right from wrong, the choices you make and how you follow through on them have a great affect.

I have suffered from depression, substance abuse, fatigue, and even dandruff. The only real way to get beyond these and all the troubles of life is to:
- be open and honest with your friends and family
- find a good professional you can talk to. This person won’t fix anything; but listening to their questions and the process of gathering your thoughts to explain what’s going on in your life you will provide a lot of clarity
- be sober
- exercise – even just a little, you’ll feel better.
- give it time

Well I know someone who is a hypnotherapist and I enjoy a session or two from time to time. It cannot cure everything, that is your duty. It can help you to understand why you feel that way which is on the road to curing it.
Hypnosis is only a means to do what you truly want. Sometimes our concious mind thinks it wants something, but we have some old programming that stops that. You have to cure the old programming and that takes time to do. But hypnosis can help with that old programming. It has helped me several times get over several humps.
There is no set number of days in which it works.
But having someone help you with positive thoughts in your subconsious is a wonderful thing and I think it helped me.

Always remember that the hypnotist can not suggest anything to you that you would not normally do. That is not the nature of hypnosis.

—Hypnosis has many misconceptions.
-Reading about self-hypnosis, your subconcious mind, and the power of words is helpful.

-We hypnotize ourselves all of the time.
-Hypnosis helps with envisioning a positive outcome; just like affirmations do.
-Under hypnosis-you’re very relaxed—and your subconcious is alert and receptive.

Even when we allow someone else to hypnotize us—it is a form of self hypnosis. We are simply giving ourselves permission to use someone elses words. And as you know—words—semantics are very powerful. And as individuals—each of us respond in our own individual way.

In regard to the power of words and what you don’t want to do: you wouldn’t want to hypnotize yourself that you will-> Ace an exam —and not study for the exam.

Suggestions need to be logical. If you are just interested in inducing a logical upbeat affirmation—that can be a very good thing. It needs to be logical—think of the exam example—when thinking of what is logical. You could use suggestions like—my mind is like a tape recorder and I easily absorb all that I read. And for anxiety—you could say the test questions will be as familiar to me as though I wrote the exam myself. The most important thing in this example ->is confidence isn’t enough. Footwork is needed,so study!(:

And in regard-to the question-should we hypnotize others..Hmm. That’s a complicated question. I think the best answer to that—is it depends how versed the person giving the suggestions are -in this area—and the mindset and issues of the person receiving the suggestions.

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

i never really beleived in hypnosis until my 21st bday. a friend called Lee had just learnt how to hypnotise on the internet and was eager to put his new skills to the test on my smashed friends to hilarious results.

half the people at the party were hypnotised and he had people clucking like chickens and acting like apes. he could make them fall asleep with a simple command and a click of his fingers leaving them standing there erect and completely motionless with slightly tilted heads and slumbering eyes while the party raged on around them.

one guy at the party thought it was all an act even though he had been under several times and Lee couldn’t convince him otherwise no matter how hard he tried. then i got the idea to dress him up while he was under and a female friend donated her bra to the cause.

Lee snapped his fingers to make him wake but the guy just looked at us and laughed “you guys are so full of shit!” he said so we told him to look down and he slowly lowered his eyes to find a pink bra protruding from his chest. he sat their astonished with wide open eyes and screamed “what the fuck!” and we all burst out laughing.

it was a great weekend! :p

In my early college days—(many years ago),I saw a stage hypnotist advertised for our campus. I was so excited I located him before the show.

Since I was versed on hypnosis from having had lessons, I wanted to know what he was going to be teaching. I didn’t know the difference between stage hypnosis and ethical hypnosis. The hypnotist became defensive and thought I was from organization (to get him in some kind of trouble). Far from the truth, I just thought it was exciting showing how powerful are minds are.I had no idea why he was behaving defensive.

I later find out—the belief that the volunteers had in reference to his power over them helped to created the show. At any time, the volunteers could’ve discounted the suggestions. Extreme extroverts, extreme introverts,skeptics, and people with other issues are usually those who volunteer for such events. The key word here is volunteer—Most want the experience. Most don’t know they have a choice.

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

sedaluz – hilarious!!!



As a qualified hypnotherapist and life coach i’d like to tell you of my experiences about hypnosis.

To me hypnosis is about clearing and calming your mind whilst taking in slow deep breathes in a quiet and peaceful surrounding.

When you do this and concentrate on only 1 peaceful thought and allow yourself to slow down, you are in a different state of mind, this state of mind allows the sub conscious to be open and during this relaxed state of mind suggestions (or affirmation) are “allowed” into the sub conscious.
It is possible to make life changing suggestions and help people remove bad habits (smoking, nail biting .. etc)

Hypnotic inductions are used to help clients clear and calm their minds whilst focusing on peaceful memories or thoughts.

Further, the study of NLP helps to talk to your subconscious as NLP help you identify how you interact with your 5 senses.

Hope this helps



It’s a shame that the hype of stage hypnosis takes much away so much from the therapeutical application that hypnosis can provide.

Having said that, I enjoy watching Peter powers :)


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