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★mind and body are inseparable

  • ** * Deepak’s Guide to Holistic Health
    Exercise: Subtle Action [Deepak Choprah]
    There is now abundant evidence that the mind and body are inseparable linked, and that the mind has a profound influence on our health and wellbeing. We can apply this knowledge using a process I call subtle action.

While gross actions involve direct contact with the physical world, subtle actions involve only the mind. Subtle action comes naturally to all of us, but it can be easier to apply when you break it down into the following steps:

Enter a state of restful alertness

  • ** * Make your intention known.
  • ** * Believe in getting results
  • ** * Flow with the process of change, letting go of any resistance.
  • ** * Repeat the process until you have manifested the change you desire.
  • ** * When you apply subtle action, your body will shift effortlessly at the physical level. The Tibetan monks used all of these steps: They meditated, and in that expanded state of awareness, introduced their intention for compassion. They didn’t try to force an outcome but sat quietly, trusting that they would realize their goal. They repeated these steps on a regular basis, keeping their intentions clear. Through subtle action alone, compassion flowed into them. You can use the same process in your own life, setting an intention for the qualities that you want to expand in your experience, such as love, health, peace, joy, and harmony.

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

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