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★˚Claim It & It Begins [words of intent/videos]

tags: Affirmations, Intentions, Joy, Positive Expectation

Goodness and joy are mine in all situations.

I am open to the spirit of life, which carries me beyond my original limits to a higher, more creative space.

I live in joy and gratitude for the goodness that fills my life.

I clearly see joy in my surroundings.

I am filled with love and joy forever

I AM in absolute alignment with my good.

I pursue and engage in my daily daily tasks with joy.

I know my higher purpose is being fulfilled now.

My needs are a precious part of my humanity.

“ Video- Resolutions, Intentions & Affirmations for a Life Well-Lived”:http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=FzJv_u73eT8

New Beginnings

for some odd reason you have to manually help this video start at beginning

In response to AsAlwaysAppreciating˚‘s post:
love this ,thank you for sharing it

Your photos are glorious! Enchanting!

It takes me directly to the delicate wonder of the beauty of flowers… they have this eternal effect on so many of us!!

Thank you for your beautiful affirmations and the amazing flowers!!

thank you Kathi and Flowergirl for visiting(:
so glad it was helpful/enjoyable to others(:

It was beneficial to utilize these affirmations/pictures for me while creating it. Knowing anyone else prospered made me smile a 2nd time(:

I have claimed the good & it has begun… and keeps getting better better better

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