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★What is positive thinking


Positive thinking in the field of positive psychology relates to the ways in which one looks at life. How does one perceive it? Is this perception positive or negative?

Positive psychology understands positive thinking and it’s roll in instilling happiness and fulfillment.

Positive thinking does not mean that one looks at the world simplistically, without an understanding of the dangers and challenges associating living that life. No. Positive thinking means that one approaches all of life: the challenges and the joys, with a positive mindset.

With positive thinking, one can make the most out of any situation. One looks at abilities positively viewing them as strengths that will push one foreword to fulfillment. One is able to see one’s self in the greater picture as a content and cooperative, vibrant part of one’s society…..

peace jan

Have Faith
Give More
Expect Less
Be true to you :)

“Every struggle in your life has shaped you into the person you are today. Be thankful for the hard times, they can only make you

Joel Osteen
He usually has an inspireing talk.

Positive thinking will lead you to a clear and light life.

Positive & Negative thoughts

In response to jan4jam’s post:

Thank you for this thread on Positive Psychology Jan… I like the interpretation you’ve shared.

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    In response to A T C’s post: Thank you ATC for sharing the video from The Love Foundation. I like Harold W. Becker,his work & beautiful articulate articles and videos. This is one I hadn’t seen. I appreciate its content very much.
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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

“If god brought you to it,he will bring you through it.”
Joel Osteen

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