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★What makes us unique, when we're all essentially the same?

“You are special, and not like anybody else,” we are told when we are young. However, as we grow older, we realize that “every man is created equal,” that sharing is caring, and that everyone is part of a community. These two ideas of individuality and community seem to contradict each other.

As part of the collective unconscious—the universal energy that brings everything together as a whole—each of us has a unique channel that our Intuition tunes in to to inspire us. We are part of the whole, yet each different from one another. What is the “gatekeeper”, or filter, to the access of the universal essence?

I’m sure, depending on whom you ask, you will hear it answered differently. Though it’s my belief , through prayer,( and regular communication with ourselves), God (and ourselves as the cocreator) of all thoughts, we employ a filter.

And for me the collective everything is w/in God. Many call it Universe or collective this and that; that’s just my view.

Accessing it “all” is w/in our power, with words, faith and desire. I believe that’s why it is always stressed what we say has Power.







u can't p serious

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