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★Sharing a Powerful☼Exercise[Sandi Radomski]

web site with 5 statementspowerful stuff
Five Statements of Ask & Receive

1. “There is a part of my being that already knows _____.”

2. “That part of my being is willing to inform the rest of me now.”

3. “It is doing so now with grace and ease.”

4. “My mind, body and spirit are receiving the information.”

5. “Information transfer is now complete.”

to read & watch more->Five Statements of Ask & Receive @askandreceive.org

***~Copyright © 2009 -2012 Ask & Receive LLC – All rights reserved~***

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***~about Sandi Radomski ND, LCSW~*** – Co-creator of Ask & Receive, and creator of Allergy Antidotes. Sandi specializes in the use of muscle testing to locate hidden negative beliefs and traumas that are blocking what one wants.

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flame imagery by Elena Beloff
if you are familiar with guided meditations, imagery, self hypnosis..you may like this…on days you are feeling what feels like unnecessary emotion which is blocking you from your heart-contact.

Any words…you don’t agree with…always remember you can change as you are doing the exercise…. Some people like to change pain or discomfort to words which identify more specifically what you are feeling… Some don’t mind and can create from anything(: Though its a good letting go-exercise for some.

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    • ** Disclaimer for thread:
      This thread is not intended to take the place of any healing support or education which may assist in anyone’s journey. It is not meant to act as a substitute for medical or psychological information one may receive in the real world. Internet posts are not intended to replace your chosen guidance in real world-journey. They are opinions from the individuals who post. As in all areas of life, one must be able to discern what is healthy and right for them. If any information serves those who read this, of course that is pleasing, though you be the judge(:


  • ** It is my hope someone somewhere prospers from this(: This is a tool I find very helpful. And of course if from this or elsewhere…prospering is my hope for all. Because there is abundance already available/enough for everyone (: ***~blessings from Appreciating˚~*** formerly AGoodVibe…aka selfcare enthusiast
  • ** this is an enjoy and prosper only thread(:

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PS…speaking of joy, something which has also assisted me wSandi Radomski-tool… top of intro post …is adding joy to #3 [ grace , ease and joy].

In response to KrisDJ’s post in 2014:
Hello KrisDJ, thanks very much for sharing your joyful experience/comment and welcome(•‿• ) to Bmindful!
(Just in case you thought I was Sandi Radomski…wanted to state, just sharing a tool of hers which has been beneficial…) Appreciating aka selfcare, AGoodVibe etc

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

Sandi, Thank you for filllinng my spiritual bank account with more positive thoughts of peace and joy!

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