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★the only time is now +

The only time we can create is NOW.

Anything that anyone gives attention to, becomes true

What I can say is those negative feelings or thoughts are quite
scarey for me and probably for others.
Just off the cuff I tend to think these undesireable emotions or thoughts for an hour or so each day.
If I had to put labels on these thoughts I would describe them as,
ambiguity, doubt, fear, and not pleasant.
Basically at these moments I feel out of control,frustrated that
I’m feeling this way.
For now if I’m wise I can say to myself,this is just the yin and yang
of the human condition.
But there is this part of me that desires to transcend this dualistic
In other words A Hicks can intellectually label this contrast,or Alan
Watts can say stuff like you couldn’t see the stars without the
darkness,putting negativity in a rational context,
Even so,knowing that on some level to be true,I guess I have this
idealistic notion that I don’t have any use for contrast or rainy days,
so I guess the best I can do is set a goal minimize yin and maximize yang.Yin being “negative“and Yang representing“positive”

That kind of makes sense.
For me personally thinking good positive thoughts are not enough to
create happiness or optimism.
In fact I can think of several things that are necessary for me
to feel good emotionally physically ect.
Thoughts are important,and perhaps very young people can find there vortex just by thinking.
But other factors to consider are proper exercise,nutrition,stress
reduction,medication,quitting an addiction,meditation,and of course
thinking healthy thoughts.

I agree with U J 100%.
I resonate with much of what A Hicks says,and I’ve watch many of her
talks.Her basic theme is feel good,think good ect.
She does not however put a lot of emphasis on just HOW is a person supposed to achieve this FEEL GOOD idea,other than to think positive
non-judgemental,good thoughts about yourself and others.
And I certainly agree that’s sound advice,I would like her to put
more emphasis on the fact that reaching this condition of feeling
good,requires some individuals like me to find ways to feel good
through proper exercise,whether its walking a few miles a day or yoga or tai-chi or whatever helps the individual feel well physically.
In other words emotional well being is a big part of the equation,
but from my perspective feeling well physically is also part of the
Physical and emotional health should be complimentary to each other
espeicially as the years and decades go by.Me personally I’m like the
tin man in the wizard of oz,I need to do at least a minimal amount of
walking ect. daily or I cease up.

A Hicks

The most valuable advice I can think of when talking about yoga is this.
If an individual decides to try hatha yoga,which is simple mild stretching.
Do Not force your muscles to stretch.
The goal of hatha yoga is to feel well physically.
The word I think means union.
Yoga is not like push ups or any other resistance exercise.
The only way to gain the benefits from stretching is with gentle stretching.In other words NEVER STRAIN.
Similar to climbing a ladder for example.Yoga is a gradual process,like climbing a ladder one step at a time.
If you force your muscles or feel pain,your doing it WRONG.
There are various ways to exercise besides yoga.
Swimming,brisk walking,I think walking is better than jogging,bike riding,tai chi and of course sex.
All of these activities help circulate the chi or energy in the body,
and also give more oxygen to the body.

I think I am ‘finally’ being able to Step Back enough from some of my habitual thought patterns to take a LOOK at some of them!
One is to be over critical of myself. Its so easy for a person, when you are metaphysical, to get into a Blame Pattern when things ‘go wrong’ or you feel emotionally awful or unstable… “What am I doing wrong” becomes the dance of the hour…SHEESH!!!!
Both Abe and Seth (and other teachers) say the same thing: stop being to SERIOUS about everything! We (I~!!!) have to Get Over this obsession that we have to do everything ‘right’ all the time.
“Make peace with where you are” is something Abe says often…and they once explained this as letting it be OK with what you are feeling/experiencing, because pushing AGAINST it only empowers it more. We are so obsessed with what we are ‘doing’…
Please do not take offence to this… but actually, one of the best ‘release thoughts’ is The Divine Miss M’s (Bette Midler) statement: “aaaah, fuck’em if they can’t take a joke..” :)
I know I have to overcome fear of ‘consequences’… so…as The Divine Lady said….. heh! :)

Interesting comment on fear, Exotic Cat… I think many have written as to how to transcend it…but I can only express my own reaction to fear, and respect the fact that we all come at it differently.
I think we hold on to fear, often purposely…because it seems like a sort of ‘safety factor’ strangely enough… If we just Trust and Go Forward, we inwardly cry “But what if my trust fails and my fear is realized??!!” … as if maybe that will make it seem twice as bad because our ‘trust’ will have failed us…
When I was a child I was always inundated with: “Don’t get your hopes up too high, because then, when it doesn’t happen, it won’t seem as bad.” I had no idea at the time that this simply was a reflection of not trusting the Process of Life…

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