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★AGratitudeExercise(mindful gratitude & more)


Gratitude exercise by Torkom Saraydarian

Torkom Saraydarian (1917-1997) was a prolific writer and teacher of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings. He wrote over 150 books, many of which have been published, and composed hundreds of songs for the healing and upliftment of the whole individual. Today, his books, music, and influence continue to be recognized worldwide and continue to inspire a new generation of spiritual seekers.

1. This exercise will be simple. Visualize somebody or something toward which you feel really grateful. The object of gratitude is important, but more important is the experience of gratitude.

2. Exactly what do you feel when you are grateful? What happens to your body, emotions, and mind when you are grateful?

3. Can you do the exercise of gratitude and in the meantime observe its effect upon your nature? We do not need to define or analyze gratitude. Instead we need to experience it, feel it, then define it. We do not need at this point to define what sugar is. Just taste it; then tell someone about your experience. What power does gratitude have upon your mind and body? At first people start to be grateful to someone or something. But real gratitude is beyond this. We eventually just realize that we do not need to be grateful to someone or to something, but have deep gratitude within our heart. Similarly, we must learn to be joyful not because things outside of us make us joyful, but because joy is our essence. We must have gratitude, unconditional gratitude. It is only in this state that gratitude turns into a power within us.

When you develop the spirit of gratitude within you, everything, every situation or event teaches you a lesson. Life and the Universe help you. You turn into a magnet and realize that there is nothing in the world
toward which you cannot feel gratitude.

(Happiness, Joy & Bliss, p.107)

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

Thank you, Appreciating.

I am grateful to you for making bmindful all that it is!!

I am very grateful for all of the creativity and the energy that I get from this forum!

I love Torkom Saraydarian. He is one of my most beloved authors. My favorite book of his is titled “New dimensions in healing”, and I spent years studying his work. I still keep his book handy. He was deep into esoteric philosophy and he was extensively published.

For any one who has not encountered Torkom, I highly recommend the above mentioned book. I would give it a very strong 5 star rating!!

Thank you Kathi for your kind comment!!

I love what I’ve found by this author. Thank goodness for the internet! I will look into the book per your suggestion and what I’m gathering from the things I’m loving.

Try to see your motives. All of us must examine our motives because the motive is the only way to take initiation. You take initiation not because of your service, not because of your knowledge, not because of your position, not because of your consciousness even. (Virtues & Values vol.2, p.151)

I don’t want to take this quote out of context, because I have not read his books….only portions of things on the internet.

I can say being in touch with our whys- our motives are underrated. They are extremely vital to easing into our truth and connecting with others…
It’s vital to feeling well in our spirit!!

It is sometimes necessary to occupy one’s own consciousness with the concept of Infinity – endlessness, boundlessness. Some scientists, to please their fear, said that space is limitedwhereas space is infinite, unlimited. All speculation on space is fruitless for our mind, but one must not put word and thought barriers on space. We must see it as expanding, further, further, nearer, nearer.
This space can be realized by creative imagination, intuition, and by the effort not to admit any limitation. (Consciousness vol.1, p.422)

how wonderful this reminder for our creative-selves!!

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

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