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★Dreamy Tunes For Peace

I am so much in to feeling at peace and feeling love. I hope you like this tune.
Anniversary Song

heres a beautiful song for you Godschild

May It Be

love flowergirl

In response to flowergirl’s post:

FG thank you so much for this beautiful tune. The colors are so beautiful as well. It makes you feel so much love inside yourself.


Thank you dear Godschild for the kind words and hugs .I’m having a lovely time finding you some more special music .

A place to dream
I can listen to Llewellyn all day

Canon how,where,when

Fairy night songs

Christmas Cannon
(I know it isn’t Christmas but wanted to share it with you )


Relaxing music


here is one from my beloved Liverpool
Holy Night

Here is another song that makes me feel very loved and connected to our Mother Earth

Ancient Mother

the repetition of the names is so calming .

In response to flowergirl’s post:

Oh Fg I was having a soul stirring experience with all this love and beauty! So many of these songs I have loved for so long now and didn’t know their titles. I will buy some and make a cd for my bedroom. I also bought the sound of a cat purring. It makes me feel safe and relaxed. Thank you so much and may you only know love and blessings.


I’m so pleased you like them ,music can stir so many emotions .

Your bedroom is going to be so relaxing .

love flowergirl

lovely thread!

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