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★Today I Enjoyed_____. {Pg.1}

It is great to review what we enjoy. Sometimes when we ask the question…what did I enjoy today? Or simply acknowledge that was fun! …we get a better understanding of what makes us who we are. It helps us see what are personal passions are.

Today I enjoyed _____________________.




utilizing Bmindful for clarity(:


utilizing bmindful for joyful momentum(:


creating a thread which lists threads which raise vibration….we may have to post Bmindful completely there lol


…waking up slowly …easing into my morning with blissful surrender, pleasing thoughts.. and now I’m ready to start my day some more(: I choose an awesome day today(:


had an awesome day today…

affirmed it as such in the midst of preparing for work



a lovely evening out … doing a few of our favorite things(:


Today I am enjoying thoughts of how I spent just yesterday and the possibilities for today and tomorrow.tongue-out

We are on a new path around here, and all is refreshingly new and the uncertainty adds beautiful discovery to it all.



Today I enjoyed taking care of myself and moving at a pace that benefited me & loved ones greatly. 

I enjoy knowing this place I Am ... retrieves what is needed for a good life. Thank You Thank You Thank You, Creator of this awesome universe... God. All is well. And it is so!

today I enjoyed choosing paint with my daughter for our bathroom ,we have a peach bath,loo and wash basin that we can’t change so we picked a lovely warm creamy colour and we got 4 tiny cream buckets with hearts cut out to put little candles in round the bath .It is going to look so pretty and cosy .I’m enjoying getting our home decluttered .

Baking Chicken wings

The Blue Sky

Today I enjoyed caring for myself. I tossed out things that I no longer use/need. Did some rearranging, which I have a tendency to do, moved accessories around to different rooms, to give things a new look. Performed my “domestic goddess tasks” (laundry, dishes, meal preparation). Ran a few errands and picked up some cold medicine for my Pastor and dropped it off at the rectory. I truly enjoy being a Blessing to others, when I Bless others, I Bless myself.

Finding this website is a blessing.  I am happy for being able to praise the Lord.  I made myself a War Room   yesterday and I am so Happy that I can now have my alone tome with God whenever I need .  I can do my bibls study, praise Him, Thank Him and Listen for Him to speak to me.

In response to pattiphay's post: So happy you're here and thanks for sharing!!!

Found some awesome ideas for 'war room'. [had a strong feeling  prayer closet ...prayer-room was a war room] (:  Your post inspired me to look it up though... Wow! It led me to a joyous-looking vision board. It contained  pics in the example to assist in reminding/creating  prayers/blessings/recognition/praise for others.  Blessings,AlwaysWonderfulPossibilities (aka selfcare)

PS!! Welcome pattiphay &laughing. once again....Welcome-We-Are-Glad-You-Are-Here.jpg


Wisdom is knowing we are all One. Love is what it feels like and Compassion is what it acts like. Ethan Walker

All I can say pattiphay is.......


We are so glad you are here among us!!!

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