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From Today's Newspaper

I steadfastly refuse to set down a great hope. But even if I did set it down, I know I have a defensive mechanism that will protect me and I will replace it with another great hope and with patience. Not everybody can do that, and I’ll never understand why some are blessed with that ability and others are not.

I believe Hope never dies, it just gets ignored until it gets reimagined.

Now look at lost hope. We all know people who have totally lost hope. I have friends succumbed to terrible addictions, for example, and it was their hope that died. I don’t know how that could happen. My understanding is limited.

A suicide seems like a total loss of hope, but I look at it like a temporary loss of hope which had final consequences, like a denial of the hope which still burned.

Are some born without hope, and never feel hope? Or does their experience suppress hope at an early age, so they never remember having hope. I don’t know that either.

I guess I’m thankful to know Hope, but not truly understand it.

like many people I have had many challenges from birth,throughout childhood,and in my 20,s 30,s and 40,s.Somehow though,hope faith,and a conscious or subconscious whisper from god or good has had mercy on me. So on most days hope is a formidable opponate to despair.

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