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★what about the unknown things ?

When all is said and done , and we give/do our best , yet matters in life didn’t unfold as we hoped even though we stayed strong using affirmations , vision boards , prayer, there are/can be unseen forces at work undermining our path and causing us to stumble.

Any ideas/suggestions pertaining to how to ward of or recognize these otherwise invisible actions/reactions ?

Was I too focused on what I wanted to achieve that I lost all focus on what I was achieving ?

True , for every bad there is a good. Yet it is the bad that seems to have the power hold on perception.

In my conflicts at the work place and during a meeting with HR , I was told a persons perception is never wrong but I strongly disagree , especially if before meeting you have been told bad things about me.

What’s done is done and there is no going back to fix it. But in hindsight if I had known then what I learned yesterday which was more of the truth of the matter, I would have had a better understanding of my situation and why it became such a struggle.

For future reference , is there anything , anyone of you can tell me that I should have done , or should do differently ?

D’Marie…. just let it go…. even tho I believe that perceptions can be wrong and often are, it is over and done with and dwelling on what you coulda, shoulda done won’t chance it….. go on with an attitude of gratitude that it did happen and you will be blessed…. I like to call that way of thinking, “Joyful Expectancy”…. you are a wonderful person so expect a wonderful future…. sending you prayers for peace and joy… Kathy

Actually , I had moved on when I quit the job. New info came to me yesterday that shed light on why things were happening as they did and I was completely in the dark of the actions of others. Now that I know I have a clearer picture of why/how the situation played out as it did. Perhaps if I had the knowledge earlier I could have had a different outcome in the whole matter. My intention is not to belabor the coulda , woulda , shoulda and I’m sorry if I seem to be whining.

My initial question was not what do I do about it now , but what to do to prevent it or turn it around if it comes up again ?

As I was practicing being mindful , saying my affirmations, happy in my job , praying and being grateful that after waiting for so long I finally got what I wanted , my dream was being sabotaged and I had no idea it was happening.

If the law of attraction is a tool used for bringing us what we desire/want/need then what is to be done to conquer this other thing that threatens to take it all away ?

I was hoping for someone to share a specific experience in how they handled it if it happened to them.

I appreciate all commments but surely someone has better insight and advice than saying to “just let it go”.

In response to D’Marie’s post:
The part that felt like an illogical premise for me was “a persons perception
is never wrong” What was the context of that statement?

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

Hi D’Marie, sorry if I came across as critical… didn’t mean too… just have a passion for gratitude….. Kathy

One teacher I know of calls the present ‘the current manifestation of infinite causality’. There are many invisible forces. We all get sick, grow old and die. No vision board or affirmation will change that. All you can do is respond to any given situation to the best of your abilities, knowing what you know at the time.

Meet every moment with a beginners mind. Expectations are a cause of suffering. Inopportune circumstances are opportunities for practice and reflection. What are your tendencies and how are they serving you? Gratitude for this reminder might be your best bet.

Easier said than done, of course.

“How easy it is in our life, to miss what’s being offered.” — Paul Haller

Laurie , the HR director simply said to me that no ones perception is ever wrong because it is their perception. I completely disagree because there can be many factors involved helping this person to create that perception.

One example that was used was that another complained about my being mad and slamming parts down and walking off in a huff. In my defense I said I wasn’t mad, the parts were heavy and as I set the cart down they made a loud noise, perhaps I shouldn’t have put that much weight on the cart. It was the end of the day and I was tired and in a hurry to wrap up the day as I am one who likes to leave no stone unturned.

Thank you Kathy and Lee , remember to be grateful , great lesson to be learned.

One thing for sure is that once I lost my focus due to all the frustration I forgot to remember to be grateful.

Also if I should find myself in a team lead position again , I will also remember to keep my intuitive eyes open.

In response to R-R- Free Spirit’s post:
In response to D’Marie’s post:
In response to Lee’s post:
D’Marie, I’m truly sorry for the stress you experienced.

  • The perception-thing that was stated that no one is ever wrong… is not too logical when someone is trying to say that they’re right and someone else is wrong. Always more to the ‘facts’ …context is often omitted, when persons want to win their case.
  • at work..often unspoken & non-existent rules surface, that often need daily reflection to see if it is it worth it to play “the game” or not. Game is not a word healthy people like to use…though it sometimes does boil down to that. “They” have our paycheck…

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

I tend to stand by my values and not play the game. Which is why I am happy being employed and collecting a paycheck.

One thing that is true that I have notice as far as my workplace is that the more things change the more it remains the same.

I use to care and hoped to make a difference but I now know that with all my blood , sweat , and unfortunate tears, I can be let go tomorrow with no regrets on their part.

I find that I am not so loyal to the company anymore. I have put my loyalties in perspective.

and on that note

I Let Go.

Hi D’Marie, I see some healing going on…. Sending joy, Kathy

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