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★Action vs Activity

Another worthy article from a blog that I follow.

“Action and activity are two very different things and it’s important for an artist to know which one they’re focusing on. Action derives from need or reaction. You are hungry so you eat. You need to get somewhere quickly so you walk faster. You need to get warm so you head for shelter. You have a vision you want to interpret as a photograph so you do the process of making that photograph. You are pushed to eat from necessity and you are pushed to create the photograph by necessity. One driver is physical while the other pursuit is driven by passion. Both are pretty unencumbered pathways and both have an immediate aim. Eating gives you the fuel to go on while creating art gives you the emotional fuel to enjoy life.”

“Compare honest hunger with a more common variation: Eating because you are bored. Eating because the food is in front of you. Eating because you want to keep your hands busy. And, eating because the taste of whatever you’re eating entertains you. In this sense eating becomes an activity instead of an action. And activities are the biggest time wasters in our lives.”

Read: Action vs Activity

Lots of good stuff in this article. Most of it you’ve heard before, but it’s always good to see this information applied to a hobby or passion (I’ve been getting back into photography recently) For me the takeaway point was small but significant, the idea that preparatory activity (usually procrastination) is a manifestation of a fear of the unknown! Of course! It makes a lot of sense, and fits in well with my practice these days (Think Beginners Mind).

What are your thoughts?

“How easy it is in our life, to miss what’s being offered.” — Paul Haller

Very insightful I will begin to think less about what I do and do more of I what I do.

In Stephen King’s On Writing he basically has the same principal. If you want to write , stop thinking about it and do it. When you edit your first draft , do it once. No need to spend more time than necessary.

I can relate well to the article as I am one who often becomes overwhelmed with what I should be doing which is taking action , while busying myself up with activities that become redundant.

This article was a great eye opener. I love it when the lesson seems like it was exactly what God, the Universe or Whomever , intended for me to hear today.

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