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Discussion★Napoleon Hill Affirmation or not? which is better and why?


Napolean Hill in his book “Think and Grow Rich” explains how to write what we want, basically as an affirmation with a date of when we expect to reach or complete that goal/desire/want and to then read this in the morning and night. (this is the same information that we kindly get as a pdf on becoming new members here so im hoping all of you have read that)

In a nutshell its an affirmation with a date to be read morning and night.

The question is almost all i have read about affirmations clearly explain how we should say it in the NOW! so whats with napolean then?


I want to add to this…

An Affirmation is a statement of intent said in the present personal positive to create new beliefs in the subconscious. The reason is it present is because what is in the future will never get here as the subconscious will work at keeping it in the future, whereas by making it a present tense affirmation we are programming into our minds that its a reality now and thus causing the RAS (reticular activating system) as well as the automatic success mechanism (psycho-cybernetics) to cause the subconscious to bring to our reality that affirmation that we have impressed upon it.

A goal is just that a goal, however what napolean hill is suggesting is to make it into a future tense personal positive affirmation and then by reading it morning and night, to impress it like an affirmation or visualisation upon the subconscious at the 2 natural times that we are most suggestible, which are during the alpha/theta states

So my confusion is why would napolean ask us to add a future date to impress upon the subconscious which is clearly what he is asking us to do?

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