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Discussion★How to use affirmations effectively?


I want to use an affirmation, and would like to know how please, how do you use it or them and what is the best way, how many times etc etc?

I have so far read that the best way is to say them slowly, with feeling, believing them to be true in a relaxed state, some call this the alpha state.

I have also read that it is to be repeated at least 10 times in this relaxed state, and this state can be upon waking as soon as you wake and as close to sleeping as possible.

I have also read that saying them in a consciouse wakened beta state isnt effective

What works?

thank you

I would suggest that you say your affirmation as often as you can in your head. Write it down 10 times in the morning and 10 times at night and if you get some alone time say them out loud in front of a mirror, Louise Hay says that that is the best way for affirmations to work because you can see your immediate reaction to it and begin to work on any doubts.

If your affirmation is for a specific issue then why not google relevant sites or go on to youtube where there may be similar affirmations to add. Whatever it is you want to affirm you obviously want it to come true for you as soon as possible so it may be worth at books or websites by people like Louise Hay, Wayne Dwyer or Tony Robbins, etc.

The bottom line is you just need to find the right way for you, while at the same time doing practical things to help you.

enjoy life!

I think the important thing is you not only create , say and or write your affirmations but from the first moment , you believe. And then you don’t just sit back and wait , there may be other steps and some work to do toward reaching the promise you have pledged to yourself.

For example , if a person owns a treadmill then they must use it and they must believe that by using it it will work to their advantage. Just having it in their possession does not lead to any results in reaching the goal of why that person purchased the treadmill.

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