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Discussion★The Mind sees in PICTURES so why use affirmations?


Simply put, the mind sees images and pictures, so why use affirmations?


When we say positive affirmations we are either stating a positive intention of what we want to become (such as more confident, loving or grateful) or something we want to manifest (such as money) but we also build up a mental picture of what that looks like. So you could say that our affirmations are like the narrative to the positive pictures in our minds.

enjoy life!

Yes! “what she said”. First we have a desire and a vision and then we speak it into existence.

We would never have heard of Shakespeare if he had not used words to create , define , give life to his visions.

Besides that , often ones mind can conjure up mental images of rather disturbing taste, would we really want to trust that ? or rather control with our words that which we allow into our minds?

Also the mind not only sees images but has a great ear to hear that quiet , subtle voice that is within us.

The mind is a complex house of chambers in which all our senses are stored.

The mind ‘sees’ with pictures, ‘hears’ with sounds and words, ‘feels’ with sensations, ‘smells’ with aromas, ‘tastes’ with flavors and ‘thinks’ in thoughts.

Some people tend towards one or two of these senses, but we are all a combination of them all. Some people use vision boards etc because of their tendency towards visual stimulus, but tell me, the stories that run through your head all day, the discursive thought that are the world most people live in, are they pictures? sounds? smells? tastes? sensations?

I like the Shakespeare analogy too. When I’m reading, I feel, I see, I taste, I touch. All inspired by twenty-six letters and a bit of white space. What a wonderful world!

“How easy it is in our life, to miss what’s being offered.” — Paul Haller

e) all of the above.

I am currently engrossed in a paperback novel which I have recently learned will be released as a movie soon. As I read , I envision the events like a movie in my minds eye.

I hear the voices of the characters. I hear the words they speak and also the unspoken intention of the words they don’t. I hear the noises they hear.

I see their faces and the clothes they wear , the cars they drive, the towns they live.

I taste the wine and smell the food cooking.

I feel the cold of the snow covered country and also the warmth of the fire.

I find that I can have emotions while reading, I can feel sad and cry or feel happy and smile or cry.

I find that I can often feel pleasure but not pain while reading. It could be that either I have never experienced such pain or I simply don’t allow myself to. Otherwise reading would become too difficult.

What I do not do while reading is speak aloud. Unless I come across a part that makes me laugh or that astounds me to some degree that I feel the need to share it.

Our subconscious mind is the part of us that uses words to fulfill, so if the words are repetitive, they can “sink” into the subconscious mind and bring whatever you’ve said.

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