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★Eat To Live by Dr Joel Fuhrman MD


Greens, Beans, Onions, Mushrooms, Berries, and Seeds-link

I love the book Eat to Live by Dr Joel Fuhrman MD. No I’m not a vegetarian, and do not adhere to the diet completely , though  if you want to learn some great things about the foods you ingest…and list of the foods to trigger your thinking when you are at the grocery store- this could be it for you too. selfcare aka AWP aka RRFS34451.jpg






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TED Talk with Dr. Joel Fuhrman I Love Nutritional Science  is an acronym that you can use to remember the most nutrient-dense, health-promoting foods on the planet. These are the foods that you should eat every day, and they should make up a significant proportion of your diet. These foods are extremely effective at preventing chronic disease and promoting health and longevity.

Joel Fuhrman, M.D., is a board-certified family physician, NYew York Times best-selling author and nutritional researcher who specializes in preventing and reversing disease through nutritional and natural methods. He is an internationally recognized expert on nutrition and natural healing, and has appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows including The Dr. Oz Show, the Today Show, Good Morning America, and Live with Kelly. Fuhrman’s own hugely successful PBS television shows, 3 Steps to Incredible Health! and Fuhrman’s Immunity Solution! bring nutritional science to homes all across America.

As a former world class figure skater, Fuhrman placed second in the United States National Pairs Championships in 1973 and third in the 1976 World Professional Pairs Skating Championship in Jaca, Spain. Today, he is an active participant in multiple sports and is a health and fitness enthusiast. His dedication to sports medicine, foot and body alignment, injury prevention, and human performance and longevity speaks to these lifelong interests. Along with his nutritional expertise, Fuhrman has been involved professionally with sports medical committees, advised professional and Olympic athletes, and has lectured to athletic trainers and world-class athletes for maximizing performance and preventing injury.

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rom the author-himself…Dr. Joel Fuhrman, MD
Hello all.
I realize physicians are indoctrinated against accepting original thought; especially, if medical researchers do not come up with the idea and test and write about it. People also believe socially accepted norms, things thought by others and respond emotionally to protect their believed knowledge-base. They are not usually interested in the facts, especially when it comes to a new thought. My work describing the physiology, biochemistry and sensations of hunger is somewhat unique, but it holds up to rigorous investigations, is consistent with biochemical findings and clinical experience.
I am a family physician in practice for over 17 years. My life has been dedicated to comprehensively studying the nutritional research literature and I have read over 10,000 scientific studies on human nutrition. I also have been involved with and I’m presently doing research studies, as well as patient care. When researchers from USC and Cornell conducted an in-depth review of 60 consecutive patients who came into my practice, the results showed more weight loss than any other published medical study in history. Patients who returned at 2-year follow up had lost an average of 53 pounds. My methods and protocols are highly effective.
True, I coined the term “toxic hunger” to describe this phenomenon, just as I coined the word, “nutritarian” to describe the diet-style I recommend. I recommend a diet rich in micronutrients. I teach that the micronutrient content is more important than the macronutrient ratio.
By the way, it is well accepted in the scientific literature that toxins such as free radicals, Advanced Glycation End Products (AGE’s), lipofusion, lipid A2E, and others build up in human tissues with diets low in micronutrients and phytochemicals, and that these substances contribute to disease. My unique contribution, that I have observed with thousands of individuals, is that the drive to over-consume calories is blunted by high micronutrient, high food antioxidant, consumption and the symptoms that people thought were hypoglycemia or even hunger, simply disappear after following my dietary recommendations after a few months.
You not only lose those aforementioned symptoms of fatigue, headaches, irritability and stomach cramping, but you get back in touch with true hunger felt in the throat, which simply makes eating more pleasurable when you experience true hunger you are directed to consume the appropriate amount of calories for your body’s biological needs. I teach the biochemistry behind these feelings and glycolysis and gluconeogenisis and the enhanced detoxification during glycolysis is not merely some new-age thought, it is established science. Thousands of people have learned about this from me. I discovered that poorly-studied phenomenon is real and it has resulted in people losing hundreds of pounds, some more than 250 pounds, without surgical interventions and are keeping it off.
Instead of an angry and frustrated response to being presented with a new idea, I encourage many of you to read and learn more about this. Then when you disagree, you at least will understand what you are disagreeing with. Also of importance are the hundreds of people who have resolved their psoriasis, lupus, arthritis, allergies, asthma, diabetes, headaches and heart disease via nutritional excellence. Proper nutrition can have tremendous therapeutic implications to treat and reverse disease. Before some of you physicians jump off your chair with frustration and anger, let me remind you that my books are the most heavily referenced of all books on diet and health in the bookstores. They have thousands of references and even though I have original thoughts and viewpoints. Much of my work has already been corroborated by scientific studies and I am now involved in research projects documenting more fantastic results. I suggest, instead of dismissing this, or vehemently disagreeing, please delay your judgment until you learn more.
-Joel Fuhrman, MD

Nutritarian Food Pyramid
Simply put, a nutritarian is a person who strives for more micronutrients per calorie in their diet-style. A nutritarian understands that food has powerful disease-protecting and therapeutic effects and seeks to consume a broad array of micronutrients via their food choices. It is not sufficient to merely avoid fats, consume foods with a low glycemic index, lower the intake of animal products, or eat a diet of mostly raw foods. A truly healthy diet must be micronutrient rich and the micronutrient richness must be adjusted to meet individual needs. The foods with the highest micronutrient per calorie scores are green vegetables, colorful vegetables, and fresh fruits. For optimal health and to combat disease, it is necessary to consume enough of these foods that deliver the highest concentration of nutrients.

A nutritarian is a person whose food choices are influenced by nutritional quality.

Eat To Live

Joel Fuhrman M.D.
Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Digging Our Graves With Forks & Knives: The Effects of the American Diet—Part I

Chapter 2
Overfed, Yet Malnourished: The Effects of the American Diet—Part II

Chapter 3
Phytochemicals: Nature’s “Magic” Pills

Chapter 4
The Dark Side of Animal Protein

Chapter 5
Are You Dying To Lose Weight?

Chapter 6
Nutritional Wisdom Makes You Thin

Chapter 7
Eat to Live Takes on Disease

Chapter 8
Your Plan For Substantial Weight Reduction

Chapter 9
Sculpting Our Future In The Kitchen: Menus and Recipes

Chapter 10
Commonly Asked Questions






    • Overcoming Toxic Hunger: A Major Cause of Obesity
      By Guest Author in Health
      Posted by The Merry
      guest post-Dr. Fuhrman


Most people never experience the healthy sensation of feeling hungry. Most of us keep eating to avoid hunger! But actually, feeling hungry is healthy. It directs your body to consume the amount of calories it requires for optimal health and ideal bodyweight.

Hunger, in the true sense of the word, indicates to us that it is time to eat again.

Instead of TRUE hunger, people experience TOXIC hunger—detoxification or withdrawal symptoms that they mistakenly consider hunger.

  • What is Toxic Hunger?
    Toxic hunger is the group of symptoms a person experiences as our body mobilizes toxic wastes for elimination.

When our diet is low in nutrients, we build up intra-cellular waste products. So when digestion stops, our body goes through a period of “cleaning.” Meaning our tissues release toxic substances into circulation for removal. Our cells can harbor toxic products that will eventually make us sick.

These uncomfortable “detox symptoms” occur after a meal is digested and the digestive track is empty. We start to feel shaky, head-achy, weak, get abdominal cramps or spasms, which we believe are hunger symptoms because they are relieved by eating.

  • What is Real Hunger?
    Consider that real hunger is not often experienced in our modern, overfed population. Most people no longer even remember or are aware what hunger even feels like. Most people are surprised to find that true hunger is felt in the throat and not in the head or stomach. Removing toxic hunger and getting back in touch with true hunger makes eating more pleasurable and we are able to maintain our ideal weight without dieting.

Continually eating to alleviate these withdrawal symptoms is one of the most important contributors to our population’s overweight condition. We eat the wrong foods and just a few hours later we feel ill and we are driven to eat again to relieve the discomfort—typically the wrong foods again.

  • An Alternative to Hunger
    Now, you do not want to go hungry and deny yourself food to achieve an ideal weight. However, there is another answer. When we eat a high nutrient diet, rich in colorful vegetables and fruits, you will better meet the nutrient needs of our body—thus reducing or eliminating the withdrawal symptoms, that I call toxic hunger.
  • These super foods eliminate toxic hunger and overeating:
    • Berries: blackberries, strawberries, blueberries
    • Seeds: flax, sesame, sunflower
    • Green Leafy Vegetables: kale, bok choy, spinach
    • Colorful Raw Foods: tomatoes, carrots, peppers
    • Steamed Greens: broccoli, string beans, asparagus

High-nutrient eating enables us to deal better with all types of stress, but in the case of hunger. Eating more high-nutrient foods will enable you to avoid “stress hunger” and not have the cravings and drive to overeat.

Joel Fuhrman, M.D is a board certified family physician specializing in nutritional medicine. He is the author of the best selling Eat To Live, Disease-Proof Your Child and his most recent work, Eat For Health. Visit him at DrFuhrman.com or on his blog DiseaseProof.com.


Eat to LiveThe review I gravitated toward was from crankyfitness.com
Read for yourself because it has a decent blog…but here is 1 review on the book:

Eat To Live: An Apologetic Book Review
Posted by The Merry at 12:28 AM
At Cranky Fitness, we don’t usually review books, because it’s hard to be both polite and cranky. In this case, I thought it was necessary.

I first read about Dr. Fuhrman last year on Diet Blog. And — I’m sorry if this sounds mean — I wasn’t quite sure if he was legit. Even allowing for the fact that a blog post doesn’t allow room for a well-thrashed-out thesis, his talk of Toxic Hunger sounded very similar to catch phrases like Toxic Fat, which have a “marketing to scare people so they’ll pay money” sort of feel about it. So I was prejudiced.

And it does seem counter-intuitive that hunger doesn’t originate in the stomach but rather in the throat. I haven’t experienced that myself — but you know what? That really isn’t relevant to the main point of this book Eat to Live so I’m going to skip over it.

I was impressed with this book. For one thing, it is very, very well researched. Some chapters, it seems like every other sentence has a footnote referring to a peer-reviewed research study that was published in a well-respected journal.

I’ve read diet books where all the references cited lead to other books written by the same author. Fuhrman’s references lead to studies reported in journals that even I have heard of. That’s impressive. One study, or two or three, I could refute/ignore/disagree with out of laziness or feeling contrary. When I find study after study after study all backing up what he’s selling, then it’s a lot harder to disagree with him.

On the other hand, this guy’s never going to become a millionaire selling this book.

How not to get rich writing a diet book:

- He doesn’t use the book to promote a lot of His Own Special BrandTM supplements. He promotes eating fruit and vegetables. Unless he’s got a whole lot of stock in Safeway, he’s never going to make a million \\\\\\\\\\\\\$ with this approach.

- He’s more concerned with health than with weight loss. (Yeah, like people are going to go for that. What was he thinking?)

- He’s not taking a few facts and stringing them together into a clever theory embellished with a lot of long, pseudo-scientific jargon. (How can you impress people if you don’t use jargon?)

I have to admit to a certain prejudice against Doctors Who Are Selling Something. This always causes me to go into auto-cynic mode, which is probably not fair since some of these doctors are well-intentioned, and doctors have as much right to make a living as anyone else. The thing is, I want them to sell knowledge rather than Success Pills for three easy payments of \\\\\\\\\\\\\.99. What Dr. Fuhrman does is encourage you to eat foods that you can grow yourself, or at least can go down the road and buy at the grocery store. His website offers the chance to buy additional stuff, but that’s not mentioned in the book.

I think I liked what he wrote because it agreed so much with what I’ve deduced from what I’ve read over several years. I don’t see why he would limit the daily intake of flax seed to only one teaspoon, but aside from that I kinda like what he’s saying.

The bad news
This guy’s diet is strict. And permanent. The only way to make it following this lifelong diet is to learn to like vegetables. I’m actually getting there. Me, the confirmed carnivore, who can — and has— gone days eating only food that came from the meat and bakery departments, now spends most of my time in the produce section. I’m still not going to say I love vegetables, but I do love not feeling stuffed with saturated fat and greasy food.
How strict is strict?
This diet is more strict that Dean Ornish’s diet plan, and he’s always been my end-point for Strict.

The basic tenets of the diet

- 1 pound raw veggies & fruit (on my scale, that’s 1 apple, 1 cucumber, and 1 cup green leafies)

- 1 pound cooked veggies

- limited quantities of grains and starchy veggies

- sayonara to meat,1 processed foods,2 caffeine,3 alcohol4

1That sound you just heard was several people leaving this blog and going to Mark’s Daily Apple to complain. Hey, go with what works for you. I’m just telling you what Fuhrman says. Actually, he’s not far from the Primal approach. He figures it’s better to be a semi-vegetarian, i.e. it’s okay to eat some meat if you’re going to eat a whole lot of vegetables as well. (I think he would prefer you not eat meat, but he says it’s vastly better than being a vegetarian who goes around gorging on breads and pastries.)

Um… is anyone still reading this? Fuhrman says that after six weeks or so, unless you’re really looking to lose a lot of weight, re-introduce more grains and starchy vegetables. Avoid processed foods like the evil pesticide-ridden plague foods that they are.

Fuhrman himself says this diet is not for everyone. People will say “hey, this diet will make me so miserable that it’s not worth it.” I’m not sure I agree. Yeah, changing your mindset and getting your body used to a more healthy diet is no fun, but once you’ve made the adjustment it seems to me you’ll be having a whole lot more fun in life. The quality of life is better if you eat healthy and work out.

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

hi RRFS ,i just ordered this book from amazon ,i like the sound of it especially as it sounds great for a veggie wanting to go vegan .

thanks ,love flowergirl

I can't believe I bought this book all these years ago and never followed it .I must have given it to a charity shop as I don't have it now and am considering buying again 

In response to flowergirl’s post:
Let me know what you get out of it(:

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

Joel Fuhrman M.D.
What leading scientists and doctors have to say about Eat To Live

Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat To Live presents a compelling, scientific, practical approach to weight loss, health and vitality that is a refreshing alternative to the plethora of popular, but largely ineffective diets and weight loss methods. For those who want to make dietary changes that will enable them to enjoy optimum health and appearance, this book is a must.

James Craner, M.D., M.P.H.
Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Internal Medicine
Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Medicine,
University of Nevada School of Medicine

What leading scientists and doctors have to say about Eat To Live

I have been a cancer surgeon for the past 15 years and legions of patients under my care have asked, “Doctor, what do I eat now that I have been diagnosed with cancer?” The real question they were asking was, “doctor, how do I use food to help regain my health.” Intuitively I knew that food was medicine, but wanted supportive information that had undergone rigorous scientific documentation and was “new age” in its perspective and passion. My readings spanned the gamut from the dogmatic anecdotal accounts of self-healed evangelists and raw foodists to the writings of inflexible, pedantic laboratory scientists,. Still I was unfulfilled. Finally I found Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s book, “Eat to Live” and immediately knew I was in a sacred avant garde stream of information regarding food and chronic degenerative diseases. Simply an awesome piece of work, which fills the gap between the ivory tower based nutrition research, which is difficult for the average person to interpret and the unsubstantiated claims of new age proponents of nutrition. For me this is a book that dropped out of heaven.

Groesbeck P. Parham, M.D.
Professor of Gynecologic Oncology
Avon Scholar for Cancer Control
University of Alabama Comprehensive Cancer Center

Finally a diet book that looks at the science of eating right in an accurate fashion. Most diet books have little basis in proven physiology. Dr. Fuhrman’s book, Eat to Live deals with why we gain weight, how to lose weight, and how stay thin and healthy for life, and he backs it up with real scientific data. All controversy ends after you read this book. It will be the final word in diet books and the one I recommend to my patients.

Thomas Davenport M.D.
Plastic Surgeon
Massachusetts General Hospital Fellowship/Harvard University
Microsurgery/Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship/Memorial Sloan Kettering
Webster International Fellowship/Interplast

Simply a great piece of work. Dr. Fuhrman has painstakingly taken the time to wade through the ever burgeoning mountain of evidence which proves that the American diet and many physician supported fad diets are not only unhealthy but are a contributing if not the direct cause of our enormous public cardiovascular and cancer problem. His references are excellent and exhaustive. As individuals and as a nation we cannot ignore this book. Dr Fuhrman, I commend you.

Robert J Warren, M.D.
Fellow American College of Surgery
Fellow American College of Orthopedic Surgery
Meridian Hospital, NJ

This is the book about achieving optimal health and weight that the scientific community has been waiting for; the “Gold Standard” via which all other diets can be judged. Dr. Fuhrman takes the latest scientific information from thousands of research studies and puts together the most effective and healthiest dietary approach possible. Everything else is just second-rate. All health professionals must read this book. I apply Dr. Fuhrman’s advice to my own life because it not only makes scientific sense, it works!

Jeffrey Gilbert, M.D.
Medical Director: STD Center for Excellence @ Montefiore Medical Center, Bx
Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine: Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Assistant Clinical Professor of Ob/Gyn: Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Consultant: NYS Department of Health

Eat to Live is a comprehensive, valuable, scientifically focused contribution empowering nutrition knowledge and a healthier life.

Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., M.D.
Preventive Cardiology Consultant
Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio

Dr. Fuhrman’s book is a world of nutritional wisdom. He has illustrated a comprehensive familiarity with the world’s scientific literature, weaving in his extensive clinical experience and insight that is a must read for every physician in America. Dr. Fuhrman offers a new, more effective approach to the treatment of various diseases and safe and effective methods of prevention. I recommend everyone remember his health equation and follow it for life.

Alexander S. Fine, M.D.
Family Physician
Champlost Family Practice, PA
Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman, M.D. is a landmark publication, a gimmick-free guide to the food and exercise requirements for a robust life. Introducing the key notion that healthy eating begins with the understanding that Health=Nutrients/Calories, Fuhrman explores all of the virtues of a plant-based diet. The book is meticulously referenced and includes irrefutable evidence that vegetables and fruit, rather than grains, starches, and animal foods define the basis of good nutrition. Fuhrman deftly exposes the high protein and “blood type” diets currently popular, and includes case studies of the gratifying responses of his own patients to his simple food and exercise recommendations.

William Harris, M.D.
Hawaii Permanente Medical Group, Emergency Department
30 years in practice of Emergency Medicine
Dr. Fuhrman comes from a practice of medicine with an excellent knowledge of nutritional science. He has superbly bridged the gap between the highly technical world of science and he real world of everyday health practice. This book is both readable and reliable.

T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D.
Jacob Gould Schurman Professor Emeritus of Nutritional Biochemistry
Cornell University-Division of Nutritional Sciences


Eat To Live is the best diet book I have ever seen. Over ten years as a vegetarian and I wish I could have read a book like this when I started down this road. My advice is to buy the book, read it, adopt the plan and enjoy life as it should be.

Howard F. Lyman
Past President International Vegetarian Union
Past President EarthSave International
Author Mad Cowboy
Eat To Live is outstanding, clear, accurate and helpful. If you want or need to lose weight, this book will be of enormous practical value to you, showing you exactly what to do to become trim and healthy for the rest of your life. There are a lot of weight-loss books out there that aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. This is the rare and priceless exception. It’s a jewel. Get it. You’ll be very glad you did.

John Robbins ,
Author, The Food Revolution, and Diet For A New America
To write a great and informative book on the cutting edge of health care, one that can really help people, it would take pioneer doctor. Such is the nature of Eat To Live whose author, Dr. Fuhrman, is a hundred years ahead of his time. Fortunate is the reader who happens to come across this book. He or she walks under a lucky star!

Roy A. Alterwein, M.D .
Gynecologist/Obstetrician 35 years
Lifestyle And Wellness Physician
Medical Health Publications Author and Video Producer


Dr. Fuhrman’s new book gives us the nutritional roadmap to optimal health. His information is painstakingly researched and supported with over 500 references to articles from scientific journals, yet he presents the results with an easy to follow style which everyone can understand. He honestly states the facts and educates us to make the food choices which will help us overcome disease and regain health. The diversity of delicious recipes and unlimited portion sizes offer practical examples of how we can implement this plan in the real world to get reliable and long-lasting results. This book marks the beginning of a genuine, scientifically-based, health revolution.”

Mark Epstein, President
National Health Association

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion


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