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★record self affirmations

Hi, Im new to this site. My life is kinda in a tough spot right now. My gf for 3 yrs just recently cheated on me and left me for someone else. Also I might move somewhere else and start a new job soon. Other things as well but I wont got to much into it. Im interested in spirituality. Im into out of body experiences. Haven’t had one but read both of william bublmans books. I play music and want to take it further. I want to take all areas of my life further. I have a plan to make a list of affirmations that have to deal with all areas of my life and record them onto a recorder and listen to it while I sleep. I was wondering if anyone has done this or if someone can give me some advice on anything else. Anything would help. Thank you very much for this forum.

Here is the thread about making a sleep tape.

Sleep Tape

If you are going to do affirmations dive right into the deep end. Sleep tapes can help I believe, but actually doing visualization with affirmations in the morning when you first wake up is the best time, because you are in the alpha state. Second best time is right before you fall asleep – theta state.

There is a ton of info on here about using affirmations effectively.
It is important to use real emotion with your affirmations. Again, if you combine them with visualization it will be more effective.

Journaling can be very useful. If you are going through a rough patch consider writing in a journal before you go to bed. Consider listing some things you are grateful for each evening.

Not trying to act like a know-it-all, ‘cause I don’t, but we’re here to help.

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