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Hi all,

what do you all know about Sleepwalking? Sleep talking? and do you believe it’s related to your astral body?

I have sleep walked for as long as I can remember – doing crazy things in my sleep from changing clothes, moving furniture and talking garble to screaming!
Recently my ‘episodes’ have involved just sitting up bang straight upright and saying a short sentence or nothing at all. When at home, Lee tells me to go back to sleep and supposedly I obey and lie down again.
Last weekend I went away with work and shared a room with a colleague, I warned her, being a light sleeper, that i talk in my sleep and etc. She laughed it off at first. On the second night she recalled me sitting up over 5 times!
The action of sitting up reminds me of what a friend once described as his journey into astral projection – being able to get his torso out of his body but then being sucked back in. I bring this up because I read only the other day that sleep walking is just like astral projection but your conscious body comes with you. Meaning that my astral body is projecting itself spontaneously and my real body is stuck tagging along for the ride.

I wonder if Lee didn’t tell me to go back to sleep what would happen? Could he convince my real body to let go of my astral body to get a full experience?

Does anyone else do this???

In response to melt86’s post:

I thought you might find some of this interesting on Somnambulism-sleep walking and the brain. I don’t know how it would fit with some of your questions, but it’s a cool site in general.

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i used to have horrible nightmares when i was younger, sleep walk and talk all the time and have completely delirious episodes, i do not sleep walk anymore but now that i’m learning astral projection i can tell that i may have been in astral planes when i was around 8 or so, quite daunting!

i remember being in an hostel in Ushuaia de Argentina and there was this Turkish girl in my dormitory who would no shit talk in her sleep in four different languages! Turkish, English, Spanish, and French! she would even make orgasmic noises and make dreamy advances on me in her sleep!

oh that is very interesting Mel, thankyou for sharing with us, I have always wondered about the state of sleepwalking, I have had a couple of experiences of astral travel, when I was 16 I was hovering over my bed looking down at myself, wondering who on earth was in my bed asleep, it took me alittle while to realise that it was me, I felt an overwhelmed and excited and wanted to go upstairs and float upstairs to my parents room, thou couldnt as my door was closed. I was disappointed then I woke up experiencing a strong shudder shaking over my body. I have had another astravel visiting the heavens, i was visiting my mum, I was driving in my mums car, speeding and bumbing past black figures along the way, I could see the light, my head and heart strong in thoughts, saying Im going to get through, yes I am! My face was peering through a field of white light, I had a smile on my face and I felt my mums presence with her smiling at me. Relieved I felt her I woke up again with a strong shudder shaking through my body. Another amazing experience.

Thinking, maybe he could convince you to go, if he says go to sleep and you obey then maybe if he says release or let go, or words that feels right for you maybe you will be able to experience more depth.

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In response to laurie’s post:

I had a read of that site. I can’t work out which category I fit into – either non-REM sleepwalking and talking or REM sleepwalking. Usually my walking episodes are not related to my memory of my dreams but I do dream more than once per night usually about varied topics.

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