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★Doing What You Know Works

Have you ever learned to create a state that you know is ‘it’ for you? I don’t mean it can’t improve, but if it didn’t you’d be more than satisfied with where it is with what you’ve achieved..

For example:

  • with exercise

and you found yourself understanding ahh so this is what true well being is.

  • with good “clean food” choices

and everything about you says, why would I purchase anything else?

  • getting enough sleep

and you remember wow sleep is important

  • taking time for your personal tools (whatever they are for you..meditation ..writing..visualizations, affirmations, reading, audios)

and you say this ‘should’ be a part of my daily routine..

I think you’ve caught the drift..

The topic here is..what assists you and how?..a few words or whatever you like. This might be more for you than assisting others. If they have questions, they can post and ask you.

And the next question is..if you’ve been lax in what works, how about creating a space today for what you know works for you? (: (heart-smiles)

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I’d also like to share:
a gratitude-thing..
that I’ve learned: things that once felt ‘only’ a good thing to do.. have become.. more involved and escalated to an important-area that I choose to keep in place…

Seeing routines or tasks as a Must.. doesn’t mean do or die..It means wow when I ascribe to a method of doing things ..or getting things done..that feels right and the result works…that’s for me(:
Some don’t like words like must..or things that sound too serious..about life-management. Have fun..by all means! ..but in my view don’t be lax. It often catches up up with you. just a view..I believe in letting go..but I also believe one must not rest on their laurels.. I’m far from perfect, but I am deeply satisfied with this moment. Yes..like everyone.. have had experiences of pain, frustration, confusion and despair..(and of course the stuff we love to talk about..the big aha moments..the joy.. etc)though circumstances are not me/us.. We are so much much more..I probably still have more questions than answers….which is fine with me… And my answers may only be for this moment..but this moment is all I’ve got(:

it’s the desire to be open, willing to learn and find out what works for me….is key. -> much comfort (for today)(: in what I’ve learned..(: Like most of us..I’ve had life-changer-experiences..->I remain open to listening/learning..love to learn.What works for me may not be good for everyone.. ————————————


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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

love this thread Laurie

, I have short spells where i’m listening to my body and spirit and will go and make a fresh juice from 4 oranges and feel the energy inside after 5 minuites ,but then im back to tea for months.

I will enjoy a lovely salad i made or prepare soup with lots of veg,pulses,herbs thrown in and not feel the jitters or exhaustion that i feel after my normal meals – junk mostly ,but thats about once a month if that

I have all the time in the world for affirmations,journals ,reading ,writing ,crafts – what do i do – watch t v ,fall asleep on the couch ,eat cookies.

I willclear a work surface of mind clogging clutter and its lovely for a day then i fill it up again .

I know if i turned this around it would be like a see-saw ,i would go from strugglig along with no energy,aches and pains to feeling like the butterly as it leaves its cocoon – what holds me back ?

love flowergirl

In response to flowergirl’s post:
I think there are many reasons that get in the way of us moving forward the way we think we “should” and when we think we “should:

For me I do my best to often..no matter what has transpired to say I’m right where I’m supposed to be. Why would I do that? Simple..because we can only begin anything from where we are,not where we were or where we should be.

Actually, by writing what you have, you’ve created an inventory of your patterns. Maybe you might want to ask yourself what would you be doing if you felt the way you wanted to feel, had the routines you felt you wanted to have..so you can begin to act as if..meaning..any opportunity you have to do the next right thing for what you feel is an important goal..you wil be open to walking thinking that way. If you don’t know why you are getting up in the morning, why would you do anything other than eating your favorite cookie, or getting rest whenever you felt like it. Give yourself some reason to enjoy your own company. Give yourself some reason to let go and find out what is for you, and not just what you ‘should do’. Does this have meaning for you?

“You may believe that you are responsible for what you do,
but not for what you think. The truth is that you are responsible
for what you think, because it is only at this level that you can
exercise choice. What you do comes from what you think.”
— Quote from A Course in Miracles

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

Laurie thank you so much for your insightful reply and im going to think and journal about this tonight ,you are so right about a reason to get up .

Big hugs to a special freind,love flowergirl

my only way lately is to go to sleep as i exhaust myself going over and over stuff .

In response to flowergirl's post45a493933868d545bf2375f503618da2.jpg:


Want to come back here soon(:looking forward to bringing this thread current ALWAYS!(:

allow your heart to be peace

allow peace beyond understanding to surface






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    related threads coming soon

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

Doing what I know works Today means:  listening to my soul, listening to my body, and yes hearing my mind too. When I am in touch with me I Am the solution. I can bring forth what is right for My Self in the present moment . My experience resonates with the harmonious energy that helps me evolve to my next right moment ... a true answered prayer Co-Creation. Life feels spacious, and life feels truly like all Good things are possible and are happening in my Now.Any energy that doubted that disappears. I am thankful to my Creator which opens me up to such positivity and hope. I am thankful for the Love of I Am for the newness of Perfect possibilities. Thank you HigherPower/God for today’s upcoming positive experiences. And all is well.  Thank you Thank You Thank you.

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Bmindful rocks!

Today is a great day to permit a great day🥳

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Bmindful rocks!

Today I am so grateful for work ...andGRATEFUL today being a day off from it. Today I will focus on areas of my daily life that need my attention. The end of the month is a lovely prompt to assure I am completing another month with the focus that I love 💕. Today is a great day to complete 1 month and get ready to welcome anew one. I stay present in the moment and create from my spirit place. From the spirit nothing is broken, no challenges ...just the love I Am. All is well. I allow today from a good place and work from inspired action. I pace myself harmoniously with a creative flow that feels playful, creative and highly purposeful in ways of ease and great joy...I look forward to and LOVE LOVE LOVE 

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Bmindful rocks!

Loving how rest incorporated with daily activities boosts all that is valued 10 fold!!!!

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Bmindful rocks!

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