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★How do I...?

I’ve read that in order for affirmations to really take effect that you must first forgive both yourself and your family. How do I accomplish that?

  • In life, you must always work on your spiritual-self (forgiveness is large). The more you clean house with love and loving-forgiveness, the more open you will be to loving yourself with words you speak to yourself (ie affirmations) that will “stick” and “work”
  • the question about is it necessary to forgive before an affirmation will work..that’s difficult to answer because I’m not sure of the level of pain and challenges you are up against with those you feel a need to forgive..or forgiving yourself for something..
  • Anything you perceive as an obstacle with your affirmations will be even more of an obstacle. So, if you are believing you must do something before your self talk (affirmations) “work”..then it is so.
  • If forgiveness is a problem that has surfaced for you, you may want to become ready for forgiveness by affirming that moment by moment you are becoming more and more forgiving.

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