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The only manifesting technique you will ever need”


Deep sound energy expands in the heart and mind creating amazing personal changes Fulfillment, happiness and life direction’ (This is the Quantum Law of Attraction)
Practised by masters of meditation for thousands of years’
you can create your own destiny using this technique and the beautiful thing is that you done need to have any prior knowledge of meditation”


Rama Dass
Teacher of Power Meditation


cool”“” lol’

Rama Dass
Teacher of Power Meditation

Hellow =D

Do you have any tips ?

like for example how to keep your focus in and not get carried away with ur traffic thoughts !?

I really love meditation , However sometimes when my mind is overloaded with many thoughts i find it tricky to concentrate..

and thanks

Same problem here, Chamy .. an overloaded mind! So I just spend some time observing those thoughts and images flit around. That clears them up a bit.

Power Meditation is very active and thoughts become powerful tools so no problem there”

In other words bring your thoughts along for the ride as the energy that is ignited in your body through this technique will burn up your thoughts and turn them into powerful manifesting currents that will bring the law of attraction into your life”

Nobody is teaching this technique on a wide scale at all and Power Meditation is my brand name for this ancient method and I offer it freely”

Look for me on skype and add me: slavicknight
and i will show it to you no problem’
Bring your friends along as well” lol

urban yogi

Rama Dass
Teacher of Power Meditation

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