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★Does happiness really lie within?

These days, I keep thinking about happiness. Does it really lie within as some people say? Or do external factors such as great relationships, lots of money, material wealth, educational qualifications, and so on have something to it? Let me put it differently, can I really be happy even if I am uneducated, unemployed, have a husband who beats me, and a stubborn kid who doesn’t listen to me? :) This is just a question … nothing to do with my life.

Happiness is a combination of elements. There are those who have all the things money can buy, and they still need to numb their pain, or induce some adrenalin rush to start their day. There are others who know the real meaning of emotional, physical and situational-despair, and can teach others what acceptance, gratitude and joy really are.

There are inner chemical issues that can cause non-happy feelings. There are those who can change their chemicals on their own and can make their natural propensity for non-happiness change to the feelings of their choice. Their are others that are destined for places that all an outsider can wonder ..can they change their inner-hell?

I think your question is a good one, but I believe keep doing what you can to bring yourself to great places, and keep passing on what you learn to others, and hopefully at least 1 person will benefit and be happier and ..they will pass it on too..

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