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★The cause and effect of life - Entries from a personal journal.

In 2006, a wise person I meet while living in Hollywood California told me that my energy was perfectly inline, that I quickly manifest my feelings and thoughts into reality. That my thinking is connected within my mind body and soul with great strength, that I create my life, the good and the bad.

Now, I didn’t get what he was saying at all, I smiled because I felt his compliment, but by no means we were on the same page, I asked him what he was talking about, that I didn’t understand, he just said, “you’ll figure it out.” He said, write about your feelings, and you will understand.

I began keeping a Journal, I was determined to know what he was telling me. Recently I have been reading my entries back from 2007 and felt like sharing an entry I made after I got it, a knowing.

Not all knowing, that’s just crazy talk, but I felt like I was connected to the spirit inside me. My mind, physical body and spirit were all on the same page, connected and working together. I quickly began to see the areas of my life that were negative experiences and I also saw so clearly the action I needed to take to eradicate that from my literal reality.

I was blown away.

This is the journal entry I made that night trying to put what I was experiencing into words on a page.

June 11, 2007

Really, its a difference of awareness or not. Awareness of what, I really can not pin point, maybe another can identify the awareness as an individual focus. And that’s really how I see it and my reason why I can’t boil it down to one thing humans are or are not doing. It’s the awareness of INDIVIDUAL FOCUS. It’s different or similar for all living things. What makes me feel complete, loved, abundant and successful may be, and most likely is, different from what you , or the next person perceives as all those emotional characteristics mentionded above. If we are the same, or if I am the same as another person, is missing the point. It’s missing the direction in the lesson for growth.

We all see it all the time, another analyzing another. It’s all over every media outlet across the globe. If Brad Pitt saved a mans life in Beverly Hills, a person in Asia will hear about it almost in real time.

For as long as I can remember, the world has always been like this, focused on the experiences of others. Well, look where we are, the world is basically in a destructive, dying nature. Natural resources are depleting, countries are at war, citizens of the same country are killing each other, there are millions of people not eating, being placed on this earth and given the opportunity of life experience and yet are placed in a situation where essential necessities for the very bare minimum is needed for survival, are without. You know what I’m talking about, water and a source of food. It’s to hard for us to even begin to imagine. I know we try and we try with the utmost sincerity, but really, we wont every really understand. But, they’re are people that are helping out and that is the good side to give the attention and focus to. Look at our own country, so much poverty, so much unhealthy behavior. Come on, McDonalds knows their food is horrible for the human body. And we that eat it know it’s bad. We can’t stop big business from putting these things out there but we are powerful enough to do something about it. And we all have the tools.

To do something about it, to invoke this power within each and every one of us begins with an understanding. This is the individual awareness I was talking about earlier, individual awareness is understanding that in order to change anything, to change a negative characteristic of what is known to ourself as negative experience, to change this negative experience into a positive experience we have to get to the root of the problem. We have to find the origination point of what is making this negative experience manifest into our literal reality.

Train of thought is the origin of creation. Consider train of thought as “God” for the sake of understanding the cause & effect concept.

God represents the universal mind that each and every one of us manifested from. As a manifestation of God we too are “God like” sharing the same characteristic of our place of origin, the universal mind, God.

Being that all creation is God like, every living thinking creation holds the power to create their own reality. Now, I can’t create for you, and you can’t create for me, we create for ourselves and because we all are from one source, at some level we all are connected. And thus, we are able to engage and intertwine our manifestations and literal experiences. It’s beautiful. It’s the design of life.

Our thinking is the cause of everything that we manifest into our literal reality, and our destiny is truly sitting in the palm of our hand. Once we become aware of this and line that awareness up with a comprehended understanding, then this inner power is empowered, controlled and we are dictating the direction of our life.

We all have tried often to make this change a shortcut but that never works. This is not the way home from school, cutting across the parking lot to avoid the cross walk only saves time on that road, not on the road of your destiny, it’s not the complete picture. There’s no short cut here, your mind must be lined up correctly for you to manifest your goals, dreams and desires into reality.

This is not a matter of geographical location, look at the NBA, the professional basketball players are living a great life, money, fame, luxury, are the material things that society tells is an symbol of success, and the experience this at an early adult age. The beginning really, and not all of them came from the best environments, some without father figures, some with no parents at all. The fact is that these men, even though all different, all share one similar quality. They all believe in their individual dream of playing basketball at the highest level. It was real to them and it was a train of thought.

Train of thought is a consistent way of thinking, if you think a “bad” thought a negative thought, don’t loss sleep over it as a negative thought is ten times weaker then a positive thought. And, if you have a bad thought it’s not a bad train of thinking, think about what a “train” is, it’s a connection of sections that follow one another, because of a connection, all moving in the same direction. This is what a train of thinking is, a connection of sections “thoughts” that when connected, grow and follow one another in the same direction. The connection is the negative or positive energy attached to each thought. You have a series of positive thoughts, it will grow and connect together all heading the the same direction, our future.

All to often we try a shortcut and try to change the effects in our lives. Get to the cause, affirmations will create you a positive train of thinking.

If you wanted to train your physical body you go to the gym and work out correct? If I wanted bigger biceps and did arm curls every day for 3 months, at the end of the 3 months my biceps would have changed and improved, I will have realized and achieved my goal.

Affirmations are curls for our mind. It’s a training practice, it needs to be done everyday and it will work for every person, every time IF, done daily.

Affirmations are how we can change the cause of our negative realities.

Affirmations will eradicate the negative trains of thought and replace them with positive trains of thought that move us into action in the direction that matches out goals, dreams and desires.

I am so grateful to have had this realization. I know the day will come where I will be able to share this understanding with others. Surly, others have had the very same realization, and hopefully will add to this explanation and elaborate on things I may have left out. I do not claim to know everything, I’m yearning to learn more, but I feel drawn to learn and share.

After all, my motto is “A wise man isn’t wise because he’s always right, he just knows when others are.”

I’m making a promise tonight, to make affirmations an everyday activity, like brushing my teeth or washing my hands. I vow to do this, because I know that I can control my thinking, create trains of thought that will manifest my goals, dreams and desires into my real life experiences. – Gary DiGrazia Jr 2007

Gary, thanks for sharing your knowing…. Kathy

Excellent! and not just because it’s how I feel:)

I still am uncertain about the absolute necessity of Daily Affirmations but I know the importance of daily mindfulness which is enhanced by regular use of affirmations. The process and training is most important for good results. Jan

You are soooo right @Jan. Affirmations are not an absolute necessity. It comes down to what produces the best results for each individual.

Affirmations are a necessity in my opinion, when replacing old ways of thinking with new ways.

I’m sure that you and I are not alone, I’m certain that most bmindful members share our same feeling.

Thank you for sharing.


I want to thank you for your words and I agree that affirmations are very important to anyone who wants to create a better life for themselves. My mother was a very spiritual person and just recently I found some of her writings that she did through her higher self Lyhn June Ayres about 1974. The first thing she wrote is below. I felt it tied in rather nicely to your posting and may be a little help in our journey we call life. She named her group of pros, poems and essays “A Growing.” I have put all her stuff together and plan to make it an EBook. It is only about 32 pages, but very powerful. I hope you enjoy this little tid-bit.


“Take your strength from God each day. . . That you may live within the Light. . . The Mystic Spirit is waiting for all to know and use. . . The Mind is not finite. . . Give of your strength and Love, that others may know the truth. . . Through you help is always here and the ‘Power’, which is “God”, washes clean the burden of fear. . . Love is the word and action of God. . . The Power, which is God, is for all and is forever and infinite. . . Believe ‘I Am of God-the Power’. . . And know that all evil, cruelty and hate is created out of uncontrolled learning’s. . . But when Spirit and Conscious mate, so Joy, Love and True Knowledge, will be created out of Chaos. . . Thus a better Earth Planet of existence. . . Therefore, use the Power to give Love and Health. . . All else will follow true. . . For all living things draw strength from the Power – ‘Which is God’”

I believe we find learnings when we are ready to accept them, because before I probably would not have been ready to receive the teachings she had to give and it was by pure chance (yeah right) that these were found by my girl-friend at this time in my life. Tucked away in my maze I call my garage.

Bless you all and keep on learning

Love Roxanne

Attitude Life Coach, helping others to see the Power of a Positive Attitude with Affirmations and Gratitudes, Learn to be The Creator of Your Life.

Dear Roxanne, your Mom was blessed with such wisdom. Thanks for sharing with us. Thank you Gary for this interesting thread. Jan

In response to rockswealth’s post:
What an inspiration you had! It shows(:

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

Roxanne… good luck with the E Book….Kathy

In response to GaryD’s post:

Hi Everyone,

I just read the most amazing explanation on Soul Mates and duality that I thought you all may enjoy it is very well written.

Dual Flames

Oh yeah I remembered how to do this LOL

Bless you all and enjoy


Thank you everyone for your comments, anyone who is interested in reading my mom’s book, send me a personal note and your email address. Would love some comments before I take it to the next step.

Bless you all

Love Rocks

Attitude Life Coach, helping others to see the Power of a Positive Attitude with Affirmations and Gratitudes, Learn to be The Creator of Your Life.

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