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★When inconveniences work to your advantage

Today I needed to buy some coldsore cream. There wasnt any in the local supermarket so I decided to go to the chemist across the road which unfortunately was closed due to flooding. This is where the inconvenience comes in because I live on the street around the corner from this chemist and wouldnt have to cross anymore roads, and be home sooner. So I decide to go across the road again, to the other chemist (a well know one in the uk) for which I have a rewards card. I pick up a tube of coldsore cream go to pay, giving the cashier my rewards card first, when she kindly tells me I can pay with the points I had accumulated. So I actually got it for free (in a way), which wouldnt have happend if I gone to the other chemist. The slight inconvenience of crossing a busy street for the second was outweighed by the advantage of actually getting something for free. I wonder if other bemindful users have had what seemed to be an inconvenience at the time work to their advantange in the end and possibly a lot more exciting than mine. Im still very happy about it though :)

enjoy life!

I do know what you mean. To me, that’s being “in the flow”. People places and things all seem to be working for your greatest good. Thank you so much for sharing your experience.

Thanks for your reply Laurie, your thoughts of it being all things working seeming to work for your greatest good reminds of something I read once about being an inverse paranoid which means you believe no matter whats happening in your life everything will workout for the best

enjoy life!

That’s the first time I’ve heard of the term “inverse paranoid”. It’s fantastic :)


reviving myself visiting new and older threads(:


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