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★Prayerful Intention- For MASTERLIST



Today’s look at what I want..what I need is distributed throughout the core of my being..and heard by the Universe..It is accepted as a done-deal done well. Thank you God for co-creating such a wonderful life. Amen.



Today I clearly break down everything it takes to redo the hub of my home. My home is in-process of major change. My home is in process of being my dream abode, my ‘dream foundation’ for all else.

The importance here is in comfort, simplicity, and a meticulous organization style. I feel great when I locate what I need when I need it..

This is all in process, because I co-create with God who does master-plans with Perfection. Looking forward to this plan..Thank you God in advance. All is well! It is all so. Amen.



As I set my sight on this day, the best plan is my plan as I co-create…. with God. I have faith. Timing is Perfect, because the God of my understanding is Always in Charge for the Greatest Results. All is So-Well. It is all so for my greatest good in all areas of my life and those I love. Amen.


Being detail-minded & priority conscious are my strong points today. They serve me well to accomplish the things I value the most. Thank you G-d for assisting me in YOUR  perfect ways with this process. All is well. It is all so. Amen.

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

I’ve got into the practice the last few days of getting online and coming straight to bmindful. This was the first thing my eyes locked with and just what I needed to start off my day. Thank you =)

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