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June‘22★★Newest★★Strengthening Resolve: Confidence, chakra toning, the prosperity of Joy


I am writing this thread so that I can stretch myself and my will to use any experience to strengthen myself and likewise, I can use any experience and use it to increase my self confidence.

It is frequently said that our most difficult experiences can teach us this!

I am excited to explore chakra toning! I am especially interested in the natural flow of one's energy, therefore its valuable to be able to identify areas where energy is blocked.


Strengthen: Definition: transitive verb.  If something strengthens a person or a group, or if they strengthen their position, they become more powerful and secure, or more likely to succeed.

If something strengthens you or strengthens your resolve or character, it makes you more confident and determined. 

If something strengthens a relationship or link, or if it strengthens, it makes it closer and more likely to last for a long time.

If something strengthens an impression, feeling, or belief, or if it strengthens, it becomes greater or affects more people.

Synonyms: heighten, intensify, reinforce, fortify, buoy up, make stronger, gain strength, vitalize, invigorate, rejuvenate, make healthy.


Confidence: Definition: 1.  the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm, trust.  2.  a feeling of self assurance arising from one's own appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities. 

The Prosperity of Joy:   Usually, while welcoming in a New Year, I wish people the gift of prosperity.  That prosperity can be the prosperity of great friends, great food, the prosperity of a great family, and also the prosperity of having a nice home.

The prosperity of Joy just indicates Being successful and thriving.

Chakra Affirmations:

My Will and Divine Will are One.

I am connected to the flow of an Abundant Earth.



Chakra Awakening:







                   This thread is now open to All!

In response to Joy Grows here's post:


Complexity dissipates in my life & becomes the blessing of simplicity.

My core is pure and innocent. Nothing can touch the soul of my heart except love itself. [… heart ]
I am quiet and listen to my hearts song [… heart ]
I follow my heart’s desire for truth and goodness and love. [… heart ]
I anchor my heart in truth, love and God’s grace. [… heart ]
I choose the peace that surpasses all understanding. [… heart]
I am love, I am peace, I am light. [… heart ]
God’s love fills me and opens my heart to all goodness. [… heart ]

unfortunately the source for stuff on chakras is no longer avail… though I at least saved some info I loved:

The Heart Chakra governs the physical heart and lungs. It is essential to our physical supply of energy and vitality as well as the love that nourishes our spiritual existence. Centering ourselves in love gives our life purpose an meaning. It anchors us in selfhood, which is love itself. What this means, on a real level, is that our very nature is loving, kind and respectful. Growth and healing open a panorama, where we give love freely and unconditionally and receive it in the same way

Complexity dissipates in my life & becomes the blessing of simplicity.


Complexity dissipates in my life & becomes the blessing of simplicity.


In this heart healing meditation and powerful hypnosis, you are guided to reconnect to your heart, to learn how to feel and emote again, as well as think. We are all to some degree disconnected from the heart and when we are in touch again, we are twice as strong with spoken wisdom from The brain and unspoken guiding wisdom from the heart. In this healing meditation, you are guided into the heart space where you speak with your heart, to learn what it/you need to release, what is holding you back, where you need to heal and how you can live a more wholehearted life.

Complexity dissipates in my life & becomes the blessing of simplicity.

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