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★A Soul is a Bubble


My guide spoke to me during our group healing/mediation session today … here is what he said ….

A bubble is a body of air enclosed in liquid, which reflects all the colours of the rainbow (the Chakra Colours) … When you pop the bubble, what is really there? Air or liquid? The air is REAL and the bubble is simply a wet illusion. After the bubble is popped the liquid evaporates into THE AIR, and becomes ONE with the AIR!

You can’t see the air, but you know it’s there and it’s REAL …. SO ARE OUR SOULS!

Our bodies are the bubble and when it pops, the air inside is still there and becomes ONE with AIR itself. The body eventually will turn to dust, and blow into the AIR!

Your soul is what is REAL – your body is simply an illusion – a reflection of light alone.

My guide has put this into this particular context in order for us to understand that the physical part of us is not REAL! But our souls ARE!

I feel blessed with this knowledge, and I thank my guide.

ON A FURTHER NOTE:- He also told me that as quickly as a bubble is popped … is as quickly as the soul leaves the body … becoming ONE in the light. (Crickey – how instant is that?!) Makes you sit up and cherish each and every breath you take … and do everything with love, at all times!

So many people are not aware that their loved ones, who have passed before them, are standing there straight in front of them! After all … you can’t SEE air! They can hear and see us so easily, but our faith can be lost in the fact that we can’t SEE AIR!

Do not fear; Life is easy if you just allow it. Go with the flow of the Universe; if you choose to swim against the current of its flow, it will be like getting caught in a rip … you will go nowhere fast. Allow the Universe to guide you along it’s beautiful and amazing path; leaving all fear behind.

With love, light and protection,
Jude xxx ooo

Hi Jude~ Thank you for sharing your information from your guide. I loved the analogies. My mother saw visions. How do you communicate with your guide? Is it visual? Auditory? Do you get the words that form in your brain? Does it come in the form of inspiration? Can you feel their presence? I am so fascinated by people who are able to communicate with their guides. Please forgive my lack of understanding. MM

I am living in many dimensions at once; the appearance of being trapped in time and space is only an illusion.

Wow Jude, thank you so much for sharing!

I love what you wrote about going with the flow, to me this means being in the moment and accepting everything as it is. To me it seems that anything other than this is fighting against the current or flow.

“How easy it is in our life, to miss what’s being offered.” — Paul Haller

This idea of ‘going with the flow’ has been on my mind lately. I continually meet new people who seem so “in the present” and ALIVE! and they contrast so much to the others I meet. Like a lacking of energy. I love the idea of just trying to BE. Thats it. Not thinking, not judging, not analysing, just being.

Hi Jude,

Really enjoyed hearing about your meditation, thank you for sharing it. Its all amazing stuff, and makes you realise to stop and smell the roses, I must get back this year to mixing with my spiritual friends more.
Thank you


Love Life

G’day Meditatingmama … Crickey! So many questions from you … and I love every question you asked! Thank you for your enthusiastic response! Actually, to answer these wonderful questions … yes to all of the above! Yes; I feel what they say as well … It was only recently that I started listening to my guides; I think I was trying too hard before and my expectations were too high. Once I relaxed and accepted living in the “NOW” moment, did they start communicating with me. They even sent me astral travelling for the first time 5 days ago! I went to Los Angeles and visited a friend who confirmed it after I had left there 5 hours previously! It was amazing and she was so excited that what I had described to her was precisly accurate at the time. She heard me knock on the door; looked, but no one was visible … lol. Just relax and trust the Universe. Allow the Universe to show YOU where to go … it’s much easier to float on your back going with the tide, just relaxing. Try swimming against it … ??? You’ll get nowhere and end up in an exhausted, depressed pile of pain! Think positive and allow your intentional thoughts to become things.
With much love to you Mama,
Jude xxx ooo

Dear Lee,

Yes, going with the flow is an important reminder to us all; to live in the precious moment of “NOW”! I keep saying that if you go against the flow of the Universe … you will have a terrible trip; there are so many of life’s hazards out there tripping you up; there’s undercurrents, darkness, cold, rocks etc. and you will get nowhere fast! If you are in the protective flow of the Universe, and ACCEPT yourself for who you truely are … you will feel life as a gentle, soothing and loving flow. Ebb and flow with the tides … don’t fight it … accept every opportunity with enthusiasm and gratitude. The Universe has so much to offer, and we have been turning down so many missed opportunities that could enhance our lives. If an opportunity comes your way … take it with both hands and always remember that sincere gratitude is the key!

With the love of a fully flowing Universe,
Jude xxx ooo

G’day Melt86,

How nice to hear what you have had to say! I agree with you of course! It seems obvious to me that your guides have been trying to tell you about going with the flow for quite some time now, eh? LOL I love every word you wrote! I will not judge others, nor analize, as I am not in the position to do so. Can anyone say that they are?

Stop and smell the roses, respect your spirituality and thrive!

With love, gratitude and respect,
Jude xxx ooo

Dear Sue,

Thank you so much for your precious and most welcomed reply. Life is so much better if you DO take that time to stop and drink in the beauty of nature. Did you know that God is Mother Nature’s artist? This is why I admire, love and respect Mother Nature so much.

With a wealth of love and a treasure chest of hugs,
Jude xxx ooo

You posts make me want to get out my Shakti Gawain books and re-read them. I need to re-read Richard Bach’s “Illusions” again too. And JLS.

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.
— Gandalf, J.R.R. Tolkien
I’m Alright
Life Less Ordinary

Crickey Cookieman! I am so elated that I have given you enough inspiration to seek further. Thank you so much for that lovely comment.

With the love of the universe,
Jude xxx ooo

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