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WINTER'21★★NEWEST★★ The Energy Report Today

Did you know you can simply and powerfully claim how today's energy will be? How is it for you?

☑ I only have lovely days. Today is simply more lovely.

I feel like an accurate weather lady with weather report... though I will give my energy report.🤗

The energy in my area where I AM :



Loving and 

Completely Delightful every moment

☑ I only have lovely days. Today is simply more lovely.

Energy Update .. It will be joyfully be raining Wellness around all in our vicinity. (and all those claiming it)

☑ I only have lovely days. Today is simply more lovely.

In response to ♡ ˚A RefreshingOceanBreeze's post:

Thank you for putting this thread up!

I am having a very similar conversation with myself: focused outcomes, with daily measurable, maintenance of my energy.

I have identified that I have wide fluctuations of my energy which actually lead to inconsistent bursts of higher vibrational energy.  My goal is to have consistency in higher vibrational energy on a daily basis. I would like this to be a new base line with consistency, and I would like to identify and target specific areas which I am continuously identifying, where I can create a re-vitalization effort.

I think that diet, desire/intention and frequent physical exercise - all working together will target improving concentration, mind function, mood, and higher vibrational energy.  There are more variables that should be included: we all need daily exposure to intelligence, regardless of the subject matter of choice: scientific, medical, architectural, creative, musical, artistic, religious/spiritual, ect.  

A happy, thriving brain is in a constant state of engagement!!

Daily rituals are empowering!

The more I connect with my values and intentions, the more I can create flow!



Create a new daily mantra!

My body shines with Spirit!

I totally drop into my Spirit!  Thats who I truly AM!

I am swimming in abundance!  

The universe wants me to love and be loved!

My mind and my Spirit are naturally content!  

I have everything I need!  I am everything I need!

JOY is at the center of my being!


Plan, do, study and act!! 

Aim high!

It's important to track performance, and reassess opportunities.

Ask yourself: What have I learned? What am I learning from this experience?

It often takes more than one intervention to improve performance.

Its important to monitor for unintended consequences.

Continue to engage yourself on why this work is important.



Learn something new about yourself everyday:

I open my Self up to connection and to contribution from others!

I give and receive equally!

I am incredibly lucky and I feel it inside!

My heart and my mind are in JOYFUL alignment!

I feel buoyant!

Problem  -  Solution mindset

Action is in the interaction:


"Every problem or breakdown is an opportunity for growth, connection, transformation, forgiveness, love and gratitude."

“Energy flows as a result of thought, and the quality, nature and potency of thought is a matter of consciousness.”“

”The strength to make it - becomes greater than the fear of missing it.” ~Kobe Bryant”

“Hope and self confidence drive rapid improvement. I love giving myself permission to create new access and create new awesome beginnings.”




☑ I only have lovely days. Today is simply more lovely.

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