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Anything that anyone gives attention to, becomes true

I love videos by YouAreCreators! 

Just this evening I was having a conversation with someone

about the gift I wish I could give them.

Anyone who really knows me at all -knows the gift I love to give is the  gift of affirmations.laughing 

The individual I wanted to give this gift to this evening knows everything this recording says is intellectually the truth, though in my view unless this energy (discipline) is applied, it is like window shopping at a food store instead of creating and ingesting the best meals of your life. This was the first time I decided to share how fundamentally vital this is with this person, no matter how many affirmation type chats we've had before.


The only thing I'd change in the audio is how it repetitiously stated affirmations are not instantaneous.

Yes, its true many individuals hear I AM statements, and they are turned off because they see their truth is so foreign from the statements they are electing to 'put out there' to put in their beings... we just need to start 'smaller ... not small, though more in line with the energy we are currently allowing.

Most people who have committed to an affirmation discipline, can tell you, once you allow a higher train of energy, it simply is. 

An idea that comes to mind for me is affirmations are like the exercise of a body builder. 

Many years ago, I had experienced a health issue after a life saving surgery. Afterwards my body was so frail and thin(without any natural muscle).

I was soon 'given' the gift of a an older retired friend who was once a trainer to those who had been quite successful in the area of body building. . I trusted him very much, and he decided to teach and  train me for free. He never let me 'wimp out' . Once I mastered something, he had me take on more.

One day in the beginning of all of this practice, I asked this coach-friend of mine, 'How long is this going to take to really see/feel a difference?" 

Without flinching, he said 3 mos.

Without questioning him, I said OK.

Well that is what happened, 3 months later, so much of what needed real transformation mind, body and spirit turned a noticeable right at 3 months.

Now, I'll bring this all home with my comparison to my affirmation discipline and working out. 

I believed.

I did the 'work'.

And it was.

The reason I took issue with the coach on this audio saying it takes time, you will feel its not real... to me, those words  are more affirming statements that my psyche just doesn't want. The more I say yes, like I did to the coach who was training me...the more all is.

The more I agree with something not feeling right, it is like picking up a weight that you are saying is 'too heavy' for you.

Some things really are way too heavy, and not right for you yet.

My thoughts/feelings are... just go to the place where nothing is broken, and adjust to the next best feeling place for wherever you are-to whatever it is you are desiring, and claim it as is, and like this coach says... the energy is now in place and is what you are putting out there IS  manifesting (as you let go, and believe with conviction)

I can understand why it is necessary to tell someone -it isn't instantaneous... Though, I can tell you-with regular participation with choosing a better feeling thought, amazing things do occur, and often I FEEL AS THOUGH, I turned on the switch to better better better, and my internal external world did prove it - in real time in the best of ways. 

True, don't live in your logical mind. Live from your spirit place... and believe. 

And as Bruce Lee said, don't try, do.(:

Mr. Brightside, thank you for posting!



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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

In response to Mr Brightside's post: In response to DoingRemarkablyWell˚'s post:

  →   My affirmations always positively influence my subconscious mind, my entire  internal being and my external world for the most benevolent outcome.  →   I DID NOT COME HERE TO FEAR MY FUTURE. I CAME HERE TO SHAPE IT  →   I allow the peace and joy of this moment. I love the preview of peace and joy for the future.  →   More and more I delight in how I am choosing to feel, love and live.


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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

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