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★Power in Non-Perfect Certainty

Accept that reality includes imperfections, things that don’t last, and limitations – and you’ll stop suffering. You’ll simply be happy with whatever comes up and just do whatever is next for you toward what truly makes you happy. You’ll choose to be happy NO MATTER WHAT.
~Keith Garrett

Today I’m in sync with my goals. I trust the process, therefore I let go and be. My journey is as relevant as I allow it to be, and so relevant it is. Power of choice…

I feel the flow of life.
I feel my connection to it all, and it is all good.
I am right where I’m supposed to be, and all choices and supporting data grow with me, as I need it. I believe this.

And because I believe this, it is my reality.

And my understanding of my reality could be completely false.

Though, since my “goal” on my journey is finding truth, and living my truth -I may always find inconsistencies.
I revel in my possible inconsistency and understandable non-perfect certainty, and I’m willing to sift through it with my innate and learned gifts..co-created by the God of my understanding.

And so it is Amen.

These are my thought for the day, please share your views on the power of not knowing it ‘all’.

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

I have learned in the school of hard knocks that it is preferable to be prepared to the best of our abilities so, that when unforseen occurences befall us, we will be strong enough to bear with trials. One way i’ve learned in doing this is not to let expectations rule my life and to build a strong foundation in faith. Also, I grow stronger in being integral in the little things, as in how I would like to be treated.

Hi! Glad to be your friend, Syzygy

In response to Laurie~LovesFocusingWell’s post:

Inconsistencies are not inconsitent! They happen for a good reason. You are being lead further down your path! Like yesterday when it made me feel bad about the woman I used to be friends with because she told my friend some negative things about me. However she looked good because she did the work and wasn’t laying around feeling sorry for herself.

That helped me get on the health wagon that I have been putting off for a long time now. It didn’t make sense to me at first because in my mind she continues to do coniving things. But her negative attitude actually may have safed my life. I am supposed to take care of myself after the brain surgery and had not. It was the end result that made me realize I had not been affirming and doing what was important like I used to do. It woke me up and that was a real good thing inspite of the negative situation.

By her negativity it made me start to take care of my health. I thank her for that. Laurie your understanding of life is exquisite!

Each and everyone of us has our own reality. God communicates with us constantly we just have to listen. We are all where we are supposed to be. Even if at the time it may seem unbearable. Remember this:

“The strongest steel has to go through the hottest fire.”


Yes, learning often requires strong experience(s)
“The strongest steel has to go through the hottest fire.” (:

Yes, like the message you heard from your negative friend, and your wake up call.

-Sometimes our ‘alarm clocks’ have irritating buzzers..(:

-The important thing is we wake up on time.

-And it seems, as long as we do listen for our internal connection that stays connected to something Greater, than we will/and always wake up when we are supposed to, and get where we’re going ‘on time’ for who we are and our own personal journey.

Thanks for your sharing and your very sweet sentiments.

Much love, Laurie

PS and here’s to you staying on your health wagon, and that you love the opportunity to care for yourself with love, discipline and dedication.

You are so worth it(:

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

In response to Laurie~LovesFocusingWell’s post:

Laurie I would like to thank you for all your hard work and dedication to help us all here on bmindful. You consistantly come up with new ideas and information that help to heal us. So we can continue our positive attitude for a better life.

It affects not just us but for those in our lives that we love and those who come in contact with us. You deserve a lot of good in your life. I truly praise you for all of it. May you and your loved ones always have health, laughter, love, peace, and happiness.

With much respect,

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