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☼Favorites Feature☼



Hello Bmindful!

for those of you who have

 never seen or forgot about the favorites feature

    • ~

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    •  the favorites icon, the creator of Bmindful,Lee Nutter wrote the following:


After clicking on a thread (for example this one) you should see a small blue box on the right hand side (under the regular navigation) The box should say how many views and posts a thread has had, who the first and most recent posters are and there should also be an add to favorites link.

The add to favorites link is a small red heart with the link text ‘Add To Favorites’ – clicking on this link will add the thread to your favorite threads (you should get a confirmation message)

When a thread is in your favorites the little heart should turn gray, and the link text should read ‘Remove From Favorites’ – clicking this will remove it from your favorite threads, you should get another confirmation message.

To view your favorite threads, click on the ‘Favorite Threads’ link in the top box on the right hand side, the box that starts with ‘Hi [name]’ and is peachy in color.

Here’s an image so you know what to look for:
save to your favoritesfavorites.gif

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    a little reminder… in re: to ALL intro post on threads . time stamp has now been altered WHEN MOVING THEM TO OUR 1 & ONLY CATEGORY (FOR NOW).


so pls don’t rely on that edit date in top posts of most threads…


The purpose of 1 star was to show early threads

and 2 stars showing created much later.

next to forum threads (1 STAR ) ★ = ORIGINALLY created 2017 OR BEFORE/ (2 STARS) ★★ = ORIGINALLY created during 2017 OR AFTER/


    • much love to you Bmindful, ~StillAppreciating˚

PS and if you want to organize or highlight favorites, I am inviting you to my Highlight your favorite thread {or as I call it Your Own Stress Free Zone} (: link

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