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★★Quotes/Passages From Books Which We Know We Will Love...1


I really love the quotes and videos by Matt Kahn. I have been intrigued and inspired since someone in the energy profession-introduced him to me-via works by him awhile back

I have not yet read this book, though its a must-read for me!

Feel free to post a book you'd like to read.

I find creating threads like this gets me closer to not only purchasing... though taking in more of the energy of what it is I love so much 

and why(:


Because everything is here to help you, life is a matter of developing the worth to request the fulfillment of each desire, while allowing your highest wisdom to reveal exactly what you need to venture to your next highest level of consciousness  All too often, people aren’t disempowered by their current circumstances but stifled by a depth of unworthiness that waits for desires to manifest, in order to feel safe enough to ask. Even when asking for what you want and not getting it, through the grace of a surrendered heart, you may discover a joy untouched by gains and losses that expands within you the more you speak your desires without attachment to outcome.

“When we are clear on the exact gifts we are open to sharing with others, the conviction of our generosity breaks the spell of energetically taking on other people’s experiences.” 
― Matt Kahn,


“As a result of the experiences we’ve had, it is quite natural to feel unsafe in the world around us. However, from the soul’s perspective, just by enduring each harsh outcome—whether it seems cruel, senseless, or completely justified—we gain the gifts of evolutionary benefit. Each gift rests dormant in our energy fields, like a hidden savings account that accrues wealth. This wealth is a deeper enlightenment. Contrary to the old spiritual paradigm that believes evolution only occurs to those who are always on their best emotional behavior, the new paradigm offers a more inclusive view. Whether we responded consciously or not to these unforeseen, unavoidable circumstances, just by having these experiences the transformative benefits are already encoded within us. However, the cultivation of heart-centered consciousness allows these gifts from our past and future to be recognized and integrated more fully into our daily lives.” 
― Matt Kahn, 

“This means that even though patterns may repeat throughout our lives, we are always experiencing them from a more expanded level of consciousness than we had in the past. If we focus on experiences as superstitious forms of punishment, we innocently deny the consciousness within each moment that can see what has yet to be seen, while daring to respond as we have never responded before.” ― Matt Kahn, 

“While some of our deepest wounds come from feeling abandoned by others, it is surprising to see how often we abandon ourselves through the way we view life. It’s natural to perceive through a lens of blame at the moment of emotional impact, but each stage of surrender offers us time and space to regroup and open our viewpoints for our highest evolutionary benefit. It’s okay to feel wronged by people or traumatized by circumstances. This reveals anger as a faithful guardian reminding us how overwhelmed we are by the outcomes at hand. While we will inevitably use each trauma as a catalyst for our deepest growth, such anger informs us when the highest importance is being attentive to our own experiences like a faithful companion. As waves of emotion begin to settle, we may ask ourselves, “Although I feel wronged, what am I going to do about it?” Will we allow experiences of disappointment or even cruelty to inspire our most courageous decisions and willingness to evolve? When viewing others as characters who have wronged us, a moment of personal abandonment occurs. Instead of remaining present to the sheer devastation we feel, a need to align with ego can occur through the blaming of others. While it seems nearly instinctive to see life as the comings and goings of how people treat us, when focused on cultivating our most Divine qualities, pain often confirms how quickly we are shifting from ego to soul. From the soul’s perspective, pain represents the initial steps out of the identity and reference points of an old reality as we make our way into a brand new paradigm of being. The more this process is attempted to be rushed, the more insufferable it becomes. To end the agony of personal abandonment, we enter the first stage of surrender by asking the following question: Am I seeing this moment in a way that helps or hurts me? From the standpoint of ego, life is a play of me versus you or us versus them. But from the soul’s perspective, characters are like instruments that help develop and uncover the melody of our highest vibration. Even when the friction of conflict seems to divide people, as souls we are working together to play out the exact roles to clear, activate, and awaken our true radiance. The more aligned in Source energy we become, the easier each moment of transformation tends to feel. This doesn’t mean we are immune to disappointment, heartbreak, or devastation. Instead, we are keenly aware of how often life is giving us the chance to grow and expand. A willingness to be stretched and re-created into a more refined form is a testament to the fiercely liberated nature of our soul. To the ego, the soul’s willingness to grow under the threat of any circumstance seems foolish, shortsighted, and insane. This is because the ego can only interpret that reality as worry, anticipation, and regret.” ― Matt Kahn, 


from Everything Is Here To Help You: A Loving Guide To Your Soul's Evolution the book-reminder -to self

Image result for pic quotes EVERYTHING IS HERE TO HELP YOU: A Loving Guide to Your Soulâs Evolution Matt Kahn



In response to SelfcareLivingLifeOfEase's post:

bought the book this eve!images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSlITRwcginrTF9Mx-lWtD_2eU_Auoy8q0kcdbsBGp2gswvn-i2

Everything Is Here To Help You: A Loving Guide To Your Soul's EvolutionImage result for pic quotes EVERYTHING IS HERE TO HELP YOU: A Loving Guide to Your Soulâs Evolution Matt Kahn

Here are some related quotes from Matt Kahn


Different book - from Matt Kahn

“When someone says words that may not feel good in your body, seem sarcastic in tone, and are meant to judge versus uplift you, this only offers you greater opportunities to raise the vibration of your response.

By responding to anyone's criticism with love, compassion and acceptance, you are stepping forward as a master of relationships to create your own experiences, which has nothing to do with how anyone treats you.” 
 Matt Kahn, Whatever Arises Love That: A Love Revolution That Begins With You



Other Matt Kahn threads coming soon

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Other books we love- type threads coming soon



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