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Discussion★★My Ripple Effect

When a stone is cast into a pond a ripple is generated out from its point of entry in all directions. I believe when we are born we too begin to create a ripple effect. As we grow, mature and grow old, it is natural to think about our contribution, our impact on the world.

I strive to be thoughtful, understanding, and kind.

 What does your legacy look like or want it to be? What ripple effect are you projecting?



In response to Birdman's post:

Another wonderful discussion thread... Oh thank you!

What do I want my legacy to look like?

  • ... couldn't agree with you more...thoughtful, understanding, and kind is TRULY WHAT MATTERS TO ME. 
  • I'd like to be remembered for someone who can remain neutral , forgiving and gives the benefit of the doubt... whenever possible... My goal is always  to attempt  harmlessness... I want to be remembered for 'giving it all I have'  or simply not having the heart that chooses to harm. 
  • Whether it be in a work or personal life - being a present listener, a resource where I can is something I would like my legacy to include. I love focusing on the possibilities of the the ripple effect. I don't know a better way to say it... except..that it is a joyous responsibility to respect and love others. 
  • I realized -recently even more ... just how committed I am to my responsibility to my self and others  when a company which 'keeps food on my table' desired  something that I didn't  feel was  'healthy' for all... ( in my book)So I focused on creating ways  I could  remain true to giving what I feel serves with  highest intention. So grateful for the tools I have learned along the way -because I created something I wasn't entirely sure 'could cover it all'... and it worked (: Being an older adult - I was able to truly scan my values 'going way back' (:  It was an interesting ride determining how I would deliver health information about something I wasn't in total agreement with. The soul searching I did made it possible to even answer your wonderful legacy-question. 
  • My surfaced epiphanies resonated with valuable experiences of my past, what I'd like for my future and how I'd like to be remembered. 
  • I know now even more....without a shadow of a doubt  how much the well-being of others has always mattered to me and I will keep learning better ways to do this...  That is part of the ripple of thoughtfulness that I'd like to leave as my legacy.And I'd like to simply uphold the attribute...  caring even when no one is looking. Thank you again..much love,selfcare



In response to Birdman's post:

Thank you Mr B, Your post reminded me of a story I once read about a man who happened to be a teacher. One day a former student came to thank him, apparantly the teacher had on some long forgotten day, said a few kind, thoughtful words to this student. On that particular day, the students life was so unhappy and dismal, that she had decided she was going to go home and kill herself. She had already made the plans and set her mind to it. But, as she explained to him, what he said to her on that day changed her mind. The funny thing is, the teacher could not remember saying or doing anything memorable at all. He couldn't recall any of that life changing conversation. Whatever he said or did, was for him just a matter of course. Nothing the least bit extraordinary at all, at least not to him. But it didn't matter, it saved her life. So yes, I believe you are correct when you wrote "I Strive to be thoughtful, understanding and kind" because it will have its effects. You may or may not get to see any of the ramifications of what you say or do. That doesn't really matter. It will still have its effects. Imagine this: Whatever you do will ring through eternity. Like tossing a pebble into a lake, it will create circles of effects. But there is no edge to the lake of life. Imagine that, each of your thoughts and actions will ring through eternity. Thank you Mr B. Your post was like a breath of fresh air.

I live a completely charmed life

In response to SelfCareALifeOfEase˚'s post: In response to Robert's post: When I first posted this discussion thread it was late one night and I was thinking of how everyone emits a ripple effect with the things they say and do. I want to send out positive ripples and have them touch everyone I encounter. Then I realized that I encountered being touched by both negative and positive ripples myself. I know I don’t always think or react positively to life events initially but I do try to think through what I might say or actions I might take and what consequences could result or “What ifs.”

This is my caring even when no one is looking. It is deliberately taking the time to bite my tongue, or pause and take a few deep breaths so that I can be kind to myself and not later regret what ugly thing I’ve said or done.  I hadn’t thought about my ripples being boundless and eternal.

Thank you SelfCare and Robert. 

In response to Birdman's post:


Yes...I hear you... as we grow (in love)... we see more the way we want to be. The pausing... biting our tongue reaction is a wonderful response. 

When thinking about the ripple effect... it is the 'not being... not doing'  not reacting... that is true harmlessness. As human beings all we can expect to do is our understanding of 'better' each time (: I thank the people, places and things for teaching me about my imperfections... my humaness. And I am blessed to come back with more loving tries(:

Image result for be happy be kind do the best you can ocean pic


I don't lean on my mis-takes. I do my best and give the rest to the God of my understanding. 

I ask for help. Surrendering.

I don't feel good if I think I'm received less than kind. 

Living in woulda coulda shoulda isn't helpful to me either.

Though I'm believing I am here to keep on trying to be better and better ... in all my 'next times'


I truly love what I'm receiving from each post here- Birdman and Robert 





this thread continues to add to my life-thank you!


In response to SelfCareALifeOfEase˚'s post:

Be happy

Do the best you can

Be good and kind


I read it from the bottom up: 

Be good and kind

Always do the best you can 

And you’ll be happy

In response to Birdman's post:

I was searching for a video on youtube when I came across this

the gist of the video being, each of our thoughts and our actions create a ripple that effects the whole world

I live a completely charmed life

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