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★★Claim It & It Begins ...2 {Love You & The Rest Is Ease-ier}

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Claim It & It Begins page 1

Sometimes it takes a 'moment' to discover how one really feels... really thinks.

Acceptance doesn't mean we have to love a thought...It simply means to love the thinker(:

If loving the thinker is hard ... then... that is a wonderful place to begin... because we need all the love and compassion we can muster.

We are desiring a life we love, and without loving the one who lives in it... you are loving outside things. Outside things come and go... though you will spend forever and a day with you.

Find out what you love about you... and desire to get to know you on each level you are in the moment. 

It never really was (all) about anyone else... Sure others matter. And some matter significantly more to you in your personal-sphere.

Though the anyone else's in your life will receive more love from you than you knew you were capable of-by loving and accepting yourself.

Yeah yeah... common sense. Isn't everything we have learned to return to and live.


Once your loving yourself  has a that element of truth...  create the places within you you'd like more of ... It is such a good day to love you and be the love you are. All truths need reinforcement ... because life can get cluttered. 

So lets affirm what we know is so valuable to us every single day... (if you choose)

I know I Am going to.


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Growth takes place when the next step forward is subjectively more delightful, more joyous, more intrinsically satisfying than the previous gratification with which we have become familiar and even bored; the only way we can ever know what is right for us is that it feels better subjectively than any alternative. The new experience validates itself rather than by any outside criterion. It is self-justifying, self-validating. (Maslow, 1999, p. 53).Maslow, A.H. (1999). Towards a Psychology of Being. (3rd ed.). New York, NY: John Wiley & Sons.Image result for ease self love self respect black pink gold picWhen-people-appear-to-be.jpgGetting-used-to-our.jpg



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