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★Nourishing Food Wisdom

Often people wonder why they are not feeling up to par? Food makes a difference. Anyone keeping track of their intake of food and then documenting how you’re feeling

Keep a chart..this may surprise you. Do it for at least 7-21 days.

Let us know what you learn..

Why do this?:
This comes from something called “ How to Have a Healthy Lifestyle with a Busy Schedule” by Sabrina Ryan and Anne Kowlaski, OCPA, Spring 2009 The list is posted in my home, and I find it helps me make better decisions.

1. Vitality
2. An abundance of energy
to do everything you want to do
3. Happiness
4. Love and closeness with others
5. Satisfaction and fufillment in life
6. Healing symptoms and disease
7. Symptoms and disease going way
8. Relief from the suffering that goes with the symptoms of disease.
9. Inner Peace
10. Being symptom and disease free
11. Mental focus, memory, and clarity (no brain fog)
12. Being awake and fully alive everyday (not dragging through stuff and surviving)
13. Being present and having the ability to be with people.
14. No worry or fear.
15. Being confident in yourself
16. Being complete and happy
17. The ability to deal with issues that arise simply and with ease
18. Having better health now, for security for yourself and your family later.
19. More time to do what you want
20. Simpler choices
21. Looking great, feeling good, reducing fat, and having tons of energy
22. Being satisfied, and not being hungry all of the time.

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

Amazing !

Thanks lauri!!

Thank you so much for this one Laurie ,its just what i need this morning to answer the rebelious voice in my head saying why shouldnt i have some biscuits/chocolate as im feeling low ( not just a couple but far too many ) Definatly writing this list out ,love flowergirl

Yes, definitely – food logs are the best way to keep track of your intake if this is a concern for you. So often, people say ‘I hardly eat – yet I seem to put on weight or cant seem to lose weight’. The answer is ….hidden calories amd the ones we dont count.

Keeping a food log puts in it front of you in black and white and I know for me, when I am not ‘mindful’ of my eating I WILL overeat – no question. Its the portion sizes, the nibbling and the ‘mindless munching’ that will clock up my calories everytime.

I use the ‘daily plate’ website to track my foods and their content.
Lets say you splurge on a mcdonalds cheeseburger and you want to know what damage you’ve done….simply type it in and the site will generate a breakdown of its content – and if that doesnt scare you into doing it again, nothing will!

Once you have logged in you can see at a glance all the foods you have eaten each day, charts and graphs as well if you like and you can also track your exercise/calorie burning activities and moods before and after eating. The best bit is seeing the calories delete themselves when you add movement/exercise!!!

Here’s the link Its so worth it and good fun too.

Dont forget to add the milk you add to your coffee and tea too….you will be shocked at how they add up and hopefully motivate you to be more mindful about every sip and mouthful! It helped me!

A full and thankful heart..

In response to anoushka’s post:
Thanks Anouska! great link(:

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

Everytime I eat I think: soy, natural sugar, fibre and protein (soy) That count as logging?

That is up to you..how you want to do it.

Though, I believe to make sure you are eating often enough, and right size portions, with enough nutrition..writing it all down is the main to go.
Another great idea is the link Anoushka provided in the post above for Live Strong’s Daily Plate.

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

Oh beleive me, I have to eat 250 calories 5 times a day or I feel ill.. I live on fruits and vegetables. I eat apricots and dates for iron. I just finished signing up with Daily Plate for this month :)

How do you keep yourself so balanced in every possible way? Someone’s got it straight! I do have an issue though, when I was 7 my parents kicked out my sisters. So I have a broken home. And I had started to eat 2cds like my mom to try to show her I was miserable without my sisters. When I was 6 I overheard my dad and my cousin saying that I was going to get a lot of attention from men when I got older. Meanwhile my sister had sexually assaulted me. My dad was beating my sister at 16 without her clothes on, so i thought if I gained the weight on, my dad wouldn’t look at my behind. What do I do, i’ve been unmotivated since then to turn that around.

In response to bbirishbug’s post:
Julie, I truly feel for all of your experiences. Though Julie, I hope you are not trying to figure out issues that seem to have affected you so deeply alone.

You mentioned you’ve fired your therapists..My feeling is..shop for someone who can address the issues you’ve been affected by. If the therapist/therapy doesn’t fit ..say next…But don’t go it alone. You’re a lovely young woman..and you have your whole life ahead of you..

Yes affirmations are wonderful..Though there are a variety of tools out there for those who are survivors of sexual and physical abuse. And if you find the right helper, the best really is yet to come..

I hope something I say helps. It’s awkward out here in cyberspace to
sometimes extend a hug or a smile ..and have it noticed. I hope you can see mine, and know I just wish you the best..

Much love..and believe in you on your journey.
God Bless you..

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

Noted..thank you :) I appretiate the suggestion. I was just tired of therapists judging me, telling me because of the trauma I went through they think that i’m possibly somatic. Which I know, am totally not. I hate people judging me or comparing me to other experiences. It really get frustrating when your trying to get cognitive behavioral therapy for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and they don’t know of how to be of any support but just say..push, push, push. and you feel like slamming their face into ceramic tiles to make them realize the pain they’re putting you through..(exagerating) being totally the opposite of support. i am tired of criticism and lack of support from medical teams. the only thing they told me was exercise. I drove 6 hrs just to hear a rhumetologist. just exercise. They obviously haven’t read much on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I’ve done the research..and i’m done venting.

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