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★★What Do You Expect Today?....1

I expect a day that flows with lovely health, happiness & magical moments.
images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRHu9w7f9lrsZnBs9csY9yCltgJM2CEeqgMC8d5IUDd9eswjDKa8QI expect a day which speaks to my soul... and much wisdom for the life I love!ba5c7711b263e3358934e27f4c0ca575--dream-life-positive-affirmations.jpg
wpid-img_20150809_123700.jpg?w=611Image result for phoenix rising collective affirmations








I expect a morning I will love with...love.

I expect ease and flow  while accomplishing my highest priorities for this day.

I expect to be a Blessing to all.

awesome Nancee! Thanks for more inspiration & being you...

I'm just waking over here this morning (:

I expect to allow my morning to open my (eyes) heart, my mind and spirit to jump in where I first best serve myself, so when I arrive at work I can joyfully & powerfully serve others.laughing


I expect to experience the Power of I Am.

I expect a morning filled with spontaneity and collaboration with the greater abundance of a loving universe!

I expect possibilities - small and large to be as abundant as the stars.

I expect instant and total alignment with this loving and joyous abundant world!

Happiness abounds! Opportunity multiplies! Friends draw near. My life is about joy and fulfillment!

I celebrate those near me!! I see their greatness, and I am in awe of Life's bounty!!!!!



In response to Kathi's post:

Lovely Kathi! Glad to see you here too


My daytime is over... & I am pleased with the day... just the right length of time lol

Though this evening is just beginning... I expect total r&r in easy entertaining ways.


Another new day...wow! What do I expect?

I expect to create awesome meals my body will thank me for, and a day at work I will appreciate with my whole  heart.


Part of me would love to go back to sleep, though we all know that is not a good choice when its a work day... so Bruce Lee quote is also helping(:


ok, off I go and its all good


I expect a beautiful evening. I'm grateful for all the joy in my life, and the wonderful possibilities(:

I expect a day which exceeds my imagination for answered prayers!

I expect an incredibly joyous harmonious  day within me

& between myself & all interactions

I expect another harmonious day with all interactions

and energy that is high and enthusiastic all day long.862b397ed08a02d836330c3e238830cd--prosperity-affirmations-louise-hay-affirmations.jpg


Image result for happiness and joy


I expect to be filled with joy, love, peace and contentment :)




I expect all I do today to create awesome happenings and lead to more wonderful everywhere desired.


In response to trikletrade's post:In response to Nancee1953's post:


I'm game for that!

I expect to Image result for amazing day


I expect to be fully rested, joyfully organized and energetically a blessing to myself and others.images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRhHh_QVzIQt4RiLiipSgRaT17IaEU2MmRml_-yWUHq46Ps_Aflsolarplexus-chakra-affirmation.jpgcrown-chakra-affirmation.jpg11993ed6b0b1deb0aa7879fdd7aca32c.jpgimages?q=tbn:ANd9GcQZm070GRjEGHfxxnP-lqBWMg1ysMmnJ0bff3CCykKCQrtYm-HHZQ09-13-affirmations.jpg


I expect to be a blessing to others. I expect to feel the gratitude and appreciation for all that is meaningful to me.


In response to SelfCare/AppreciationView˚'s post:

I can feel this now...

My next expectation is.... Today is a day that I am most efficient, heartfelt with a perfect empowerment of peace, love and appreciation creating a path of doing what I do at work very well for myself and others in total harmony.

20 Daily Affirmations For Living in Harmony

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