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★★Power Of Intention -Word(s) For Day


Power Of Intention -Word(s) For Day

The other day on Kathi's Wonderful thread- OK Everyone Give Me One Word!!

I added a word that I felt from my heart.

No elaboration -just 1 word... hqdefault.jpg


Yes, familiar with 1 word mantras!! lol

Though, this was incredible how just sharing the word my heart with feeling added significance to areas of interest for me.... or should I say....color(:colorful-quote-6-I-prefer-living-in-color.jpg


Colorful language, more colorful creations, more vividness of color in my imagination etc...

That wasn't the only time that occurred...with the awesomeness of sharing around here...and that includes Kathi's magical thread.

So this thread is a take off on Kathi's . We now have 2... threads to share words... and a few which are related...  


blessings-to us all!!!!




related threads in process..

OK Everyone Give Me One Word!!

Word Of The Year 2018









vorfreude (def.)


Image result for intentions feelings desired pics



not sure where I saw this-though I love it:

How can 'it get any better than this? (anything)

What are the possibilities?

What would 'it' take to show up? {not an exercise to force yourself to answer-just consistent questions} This will truly work out to be a great year.




Words are like seeds. When you write them out, they grow into your dreams and spark the imagination of others.

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