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★★Ideas /Thoughts On Your New Creative Binder {1b}

Related Pages might get a bit full... so adding a page for daily thoughts about how your binders are going ... and your inspirations

related pages in process

Life Is a Gift-Keep It All Delightful

pg 1

pg 1a

and this is pg 1b



Love this page already and looking forwards to sharing progress with journal .I think I might start it in a lever arch file to begin with then I can have plastic wallets to add things and dividers .

Wish I could add photographs 

In response to flowergirl's post:

Awesome! A big welcome! 

will ask Bunique to create a list of steps to add photographs

in the mean time would love to hear whatever interests you...whenever you are feeling to(:

...this will inspire our unique selves and others who may like this sort of thing 

thanks Self care .

I long to get myself organised both mentally and physically as I am a chaotic girl .

As I love anything creative I am going to use and share any pretty,fun ,colourful ideas 

They will be very simple and I hope helpful 

At the moment I am considering creating a journal for everything to start but them may divide it into home/family and self care - will have to see how it works best 

getting organised with friends while sharing a cup of tea is the best way 

Image may contain: indoor

In response to flowergirl's post:

Blank+_1630920ea463abcaade9cc9688cc012e.jpg The future of joy! This is the cutest... laughed out loud -big time!!!!

I like your chapters-home/family and self care

I'm still working on my categories...




 Affirmations to create flow


✰►♥It feels good to write down important items and ideas which flit through my mind



✰►♥Love my colorful system for writing, planning, recalling and action.





when I feel peaceful, all can be tended to.

It will be "2nd nature" to want to create more baby-notebooks...when the main mama's basics create the simplicity I'm looking for.



I was just on the phone with tech support for my pc... was on w/them for 1 hour yesterday, and recently before that... And while I wrote down the case#'s from both calls... the notes were in 2 different areas... 

Writing is great -though my goal is 1 main binder...and maybe they will have babies... though 1 big momma of a book 1st.

 aw I love that so much Momma and baby journals 



I will keep this simple & the finished product is ...out in the ether somewhere... though am allowing myself to bring momma & babie-notebooks all together as a cohesive binder family..

.all dressed in colors and icons that my senses love (:


and I'm motivated to create what I love

my absolute favorite is 33dc0ac8-fa84-4194-b575-b677d7441827_1.f4b0ea5ecd1034655e36bf1ffaca0edb.jpeg?odnHeight=450&odnWidth=450&odnBg=FFFFFF

my 10 drawers x 4 

This is awesome for most important things. We love it!



you are creating so much ,I love Momma and babies 


cute lil' baby sized journals(:


Thanks flowergirl... I had time on my mind initially (deadline-mentality) -since I work tomorrow...and wanted a complete solution today lol

As soon as I let go of that time table, returned to affirmations to assist with flow... I knew more of what to do. 

I got  back in touch with remembering ...action not only needs desire and passion for a project.. though also a very peaceful harmony. 

Thank you for joining in. Its another kind of accountability I hadn't utilized on the site in some time and very appreciative.

I'll ease back into this binder project next week(:


next day:

  •  I wasn't speaking about being disorganized as much as taking organization to a new level.
  • I  see I'm not so disorganized or I'd never be able to do all I do...
  • I've wanted greater ease in my life, and the only way (for me) is to create a better system w/o overwhelming myself.
  • that's what I learned yesterday...simplicity in all things...
  • Keith Garrick- has a great site with wonderful comprehensive ideas on this topic... will post soon


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