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★★Ideas /Thoughts On Your New Creative Binder {1b}

Related Pages might get a bit full... so adding a page for daily thoughts about how your binders are going ... and your inspirations

related pages in process

Life Is a Gift-Keep It All Delightful

pg 1

pg 1a

and this is pg 1b



love this feature the Affirmation Quick Search.

Love this page already and looking forwards to sharing progress with journal .I think I might start it in a lever arch file to begin with then I can have plastic wallets to add things and dividers .

Wish I could add photographs 

In response to flowergirl's post:

Awesome! A big welcome! 

will ask Bunique to create a list of steps to add photographs

in the mean time would love to hear whatever interests you...whenever you are feeling to(:

...this will inspire our unique selves and others who may like this sort of thing 

love this feature the Affirmation Quick Search.

thanks Self care .

I long to get myself organised both mentally and physically as I am a chaotic girl .

As I love anything creative I am going to use and share any pretty,fun ,colourful ideas 

They will be very simple and I hope helpful 

At the moment I am considering creating a journal for everything to start but them may divide it into home/family and self care - will have to see how it works best 

getting organised with friends while sharing a cup of tea is the best way 

Image may contain: indoor

In response to flowergirl's post:

Blank+_1630920ea463abcaade9cc9688cc012e.jpg The future of joy! This is the cutest... laughed out loud -big time!!!!

I like your chapters-home/family and self care

I'm still working on my categories...


love this feature the Affirmation Quick Search.



 Affirmations to create flow


✰►♥It feels good to write down important items and ideas which flit through my mind



✰►♥Love my colorful system for writing, planning, recalling and action.





when I feel peaceful, all can be tended to.

It will be "2nd nature" to want to create more baby-notebooks...when the main mama's basics create the simplicity I'm looking for.



I was just on the phone with tech support for my pc... was on w/them for 1 hour yesterday, and recently before that... And while I wrote down the case#'s from both calls... the notes were in 2 different areas... 

Writing is great -though my goal is 1 main binder...and maybe they will have babies... though 1 big momma of a book 1st.

love this feature the Affirmation Quick Search.

 aw I love that so much Momma and baby journals 



I will keep this simple & the finished product is ...out in the ether somewhere... though am allowing myself to bring momma & babie-notebooks all together as a cohesive binder family..

.all dressed in colors and icons that my senses love (:


and I'm motivated to create what I love

my absolute favorite is 33dc0ac8-fa84-4194-b575-b677d7441827_1.f4b0ea5ecd1034655e36bf1ffaca0edb.jpeg?odnHeight=450&odnWidth=450&odnBg=FFFFFF

my 10 drawers x 4 

This is awesome for most important things. We love it!



love this feature the Affirmation Quick Search.

you are creating so much ,I love Momma and babies 


cute lil' baby sized journals(:


Thanks flowergirl... I had time on my mind initially (deadline-mentality) -since I work tomorrow...and wanted a complete solution today lol

As soon as I let go of that time table, returned to affirmations to assist with flow... I knew more of what to do. 

I got  back in touch with remembering ...action not only needs desire and passion for a project.. though also a very peaceful harmony. 

Thank you for joining in. Its another kind of accountability I hadn't utilized on the site in some time and very appreciative.

I'll ease back into this binder project next week(:


next day:

  •  I wasn't speaking about being disorganized as much as taking organization to a new level.
  • I  see I'm not so disorganized or I'd never be able to do all I do...
  • I've wanted greater ease in my life, and the only way (for me) is to create a better system w/o overwhelming myself.
  • that's what I learned yesterday...simplicity in all things...
  • Keith Garrick- has a great site with wonderful comprehensive ideas on this topic... will post soon


love this feature the Affirmation Quick Search.

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