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★★Create An Affirmation Around Your Highest Values

Think of your highest values, 

e8ab902088b1fa3d0af58368185c5859.jpgand create and post an affirmation which brings its priority right to your heart place(: 

Keep it simple or articulate some wonderful dialogue with yourself(:

Often we know what our highest values are, though we want more immersing going on.

Try it here.


It doesn't matter if you created it originally, or not. Just post/create what you value connecting with your values(:

Here Goes For Me:

  • Feeling Good and Creating Flow for Daily Activities

I Am so doing it right! Whatever it is, yay me!

It is amazing how easily I Am allowing that which creates good experiences and great benefits!

  • Joy! All Is Well!

 Joy is natural when I Am my authentic self, acknowledging nothing is broken from my spirit-place.

Today is an opportunity for joy.

  • Clarity/Alignment/Imagination

My path to my highest priorities are clear and paved by my heart.

I balance my life to create alignment between my needs, abilities, desires, and purpose

 My mind is clear, focused, and sharp

My body is incredibly strong, vibrant, youthful and healthy 

  • Productivity-Ease


I work from a place of power. I have goodness on my side, and I have Spirit in my corner. Perfect outcomes happening for me, as I allow this Holy Spark within to Be.

I possess an endless supply of creativity, energy, tolerance for any project that I assume.


 selfcare & other-care (kindness & compassion for ourselves & others)-coming soon
  •  self care

My selfcare-ACTION/ENERGY defines a magnificence I deeply value.


join in when you desire!laughing

We’ll pick you up!

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