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★★In This Moment-Video, Quote or Affirmation Are You Loving?

We are an enjoying video watching  group(:

I posted this video with Matt Kahn videos, and decided to create a thread that only focuses on videos we in this moment love alot.



  • Affirmation inspired by video:

I Am so doing it right! Whatever it is, yay me!



“You are the everything this moment is asking you to be...” 
-Matt Kahn


What are you loving right now? Or maybe enjoy/comment on the things others are loving(:




☑ I only have lovely days. Today is simply more lovely.





So here are 10 Taoism lessons that we can learn from Lao Tzu

01. Look within and you will find everything you need

02. By letting go, you become free

03. Let go of your labels if you truly want to know yourself

04. Pay no attention to evil and it will crumble away

05. Kindness and compassion for others will always win in the end

06. Be yourself without caring what others think

07. Wisdom and strength come from remaining humble

08. Change is inevitable, so embrace it, even if it seems uncomfortable

09. Learn to follow first if you ever wish to lead

10. Always go with the flow

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