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★★Pg1. Affirmations Which Make Your Day (& links)


 Post affirmation which 'makes your day'


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Expansion/Gratitude Affirmations/selfcare

 Share a Daily Affirmation/Flowergirl


I feel more alert, more refreshed, more calm, complete, focused, strong and healthy. I am filled with energy to do all the daily activities in my life...and then some. Every cell in my body vibrates with healthy rested enjoyable energy. I am open to the spirit of life, which carries me beyond my original limits, to a higher more creative space. 

I create a space in my spirit for believing I will receive what I need for the serenity I desire

This Moment

Today, in this moment, I have everything I need.

I create my own happiness and I expect my life to overflow with it.




 ღToday I feel the presence
of Divine Love flowing through me.

Today I Am filled with Divine Light.

Enjoying This Moment Emotions and activities come and go and I am ever in the flow as I need and desire to be.

Today I Am free of cares as I once referred to them

I vibrate to the frequencies of love and acceptance of myself and others I am prepared for an abundance of love and happiness.


Enjoying This Day Greeting
the day as fun-filled and full of growth and
achievement is a conscious choice



Today I Am nurtured and fulfilled, content and blessed. 




 Today is a wonderful day. I am grateful. I am thankful. I am seeing those things that make me feel good today. 

ღI now choose to experience the sweetness of today.

ღI allow life to flow through me.

ღI accept all the pleasure life has to offer.



I Am acknowledging a world beyond my senses, a truth beyond my intellect, a wisdom beyond logic, a power beyond my limits, a serene design despite any distressing display
My world is full of opportunities. 



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