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★★Organizing yourself straight into chaos!

We all want to be more organized, but, can we set out to get organized and give up 'cause it never seems to last? I wonder if a "school of thought" on the different ways we can go about organizing ourselves. I'm sure some of you have thoughts to share on this. One thought that I wanted to get out is this: if we are applying different methods to organization without really planning out what we are doing we could be spinning our wheels. Should we organize our books by author or topic, or by title? If we are organizing some books by one method and others by another method, have we really done much organizing? Now apply this to more than books - think of it across the spectrum. There must be a "best" way for each of us to organize our "stuff", but, we need to be aware of the methods we are using.

I'm thinking of all the "potentially useful" crap I have that is really just clutter. Stuff that might have a use "some day". Now, let me weigh that "potentially useful" crap against the freedom of having it gone and decide which is really more valuable to me.

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.
— Gandalf, J.R.R. Tolkien
I’m Alright
Life Less Ordinary

Awesome SRWE/MCM! My kinda thread as you probably know.

I asked you many a question to you  on how to organize various things and books was one of them, you may remember. You are 1 of the most creative people I know! It was you who taught me to organize a thread!!! 

And while I feel to be creative... you are quite a spark.

Even when if I didn't follow your suggestion-you inspired me to create something I needed. At the risk of repeatin' -thank you.

Okay, now on to your thread! Thanks for this!  


In regard to books...(these days) I am always rearranging them depending on the area I'm focusing on. Even when I'm not actively reading them, they act as a great vision board of my many interests. I actually get great pleasure out of moving them around periodically.

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 One area I have needed help with is  organizing my PC... So many docs! So many folders. The basic grouping most use doesn't seem to work for me.

I will setting up a PC soon, I'd love to have a plan before I start that.

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I will share something that has really helped me for daily organizing-me stuff....33dc0ac8-fa84-4194-b575-b677d7441827_1.f4b0ea5ecd1034655e36bf1ffaca0edb.jpeg?odnHeight=450&odnWidth=450&odnBg=FFFFFF

10  deep drawers, sturdy, and compact on wheels

I bought 4 of them, and call them my joyful 40 drawers(: 

My most important things  (which are active) are in there... And I move the contents around as priorities change. .. different from my files which house lots more.

I have a basic  system for every time I move anything from there...(just add/cross out on a manila folder)  This little tool  has been my life saver. I've told a couple of members about it because it has truly been helping me so much!

So that's one thing that  has helped me.

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This is important area for me.  You may have seen on Flowergirl's thread-on simplicity clearing, and another Does Your House Give You a Hug. (maybe not we are just a creatin' around here)... It has been inspirational for becoming...inspired(:

I currently have a deadline to do some big work in my place due to some work that may have to be done... plumbing... & wall- things. And while we are believing this may not affect us, we are acting as if so we would be ready (like we prepare for hurricanes -whether we believe it will be here or not). The good news it lit a lighter under us to clear out & 'design' some systems as we go...This is so important because not having things look a certain way or be functional for everyday life, is disconcerting (the idea of someone breaking our walls-brought up these feelings) 

My vacation came at a perfect time(:


Looking forward to your thread getting lots of responses... or just some who are really into this kind of thing too(:



much love selfcare (aka sacred care, aka AWP)

All that matters is how I choose to spend this moment.

I am living the Divine plan which includes wonderful health, wealth, happiness, and perfect self-expression for me now

thank you SMWE (you will always be cookieman to me)I am so happy you have started this thread.

For  years I have tried to clear and organise this house and my wandering mind .I have bought many books ,signed up for classes ,joined groups and just could not find a way that motivated me and worked for me long term.

Then recently I stared listening to my  feelings and how the house felt and how I would like it to feel .The answers are the house has felt very sad ,unloved and stuck .The feelings I want to create are peace ,calm ,welcoming ,cosy and healing - a home that gives you a hug.

As I clear each space it is becoming so easy to let go of things I would have held onto ,the feeling of space is far more comforting than the walls of "stuff" I had built to protect me from various emotions

It is only by connecting to the feeling in the house that I am able to know  how I am going to make it feel ,I hope this makes sense

Instead of the usual get 3/4 boxes ,put on lively music  advice I am working through the space like  a holistic treatment - smudging with sage ,reiki ,lighting scented candles ,playing very calming music ,cleaning with essential oils ,and focusing on the energy of each object

I am still in the clearing stage and getting into a routine and have taken the pressure of myself to do it the way all the books etc recommend

The house needs healing energy to make it the home I want to share with my family and this is the way that resonates with my soul


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