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★★Does Your Home Give You A Hug?

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by Sarah Ban Breathnac in Moving On ,a lovely book I would recommend to anyone who is interested in homes


I believe with all my heart that the pursuit of domestic bliss is a spiritual path, a sacred endeavor, and more the spare bedroom covered to ceiling with clutter, than the road less traveled.  However, I've got to be honest with you before we begin.  The truth that a woman's home is the most accurate barometer of her emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being is as unsettling at times as it is reassuring.  Nonetheless, the home is the surest diagnostic laboratory I've seen for discovering the deepest longings of the feminine soul and understanding how much time, creative energy emotion and nurturing She needs to be restored. Part meditation, how-to-manual and memoir, Moving On is for anyone who has ever wanted to revamp her life and the space where she lives it.



We have lived in our house for 21 years and for most of that time I have wanted to move ,partly because I would like to move to a rural villiage and live in a cottage ,but also because I have not felt at home ,settled or hugged here in this house .

It is a nice house with a big garden ,OK neighbours and we are 5 minutes walk from my beloved woods ,30 minutes walk from a small town and about two hours on a bus  from a town with a beach and two big cities.


The only way I can describe the feeling I get when I come in is that the house feels sad  .: (

I have struggled with health problems for years here but am now a lot better than I was - depression ,joint/back pain and colitis and healing is ongoing.

The house and garden has been very neglected because of this but we are now getting it much better .A lot of decluttering ( that is a whole new thread) ,clearing ,painting walls white /very pale pink and my son has been putting down wood look flooring.We are also getting landlords to do some repairs .

This street  has been very violent and rough over the years including drug fights ,drug growing ,alcohol induced fights etc but has quietened down

This might sound very dippy/airie fairie but I feel as though the house has absorbed this energy and needs healing .I was reading something the other day and the lady refered to the house as female and that touched me so deeply to think of this house as having female energy

I want to help her heal ,to feel loved so that when we walk in we are coming onto a peaceful ,loved space that gives us the feeling of a hug


Your threads always inspire my heart!

Thank you for being who you are, right where you are...

and expressing where your heart  is feeling like it is going  from here.

I love title of this thread, your thoughts, and you!!!

Love what you said about your home, and the compassion you are showing yourself ...

And love your intention for it all: I want to help her heal ,to feel loved so that when we walk in we are coming onto a peaceful ,loved space that gives us the feeling of a hug

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I think sometimes (when life feels very hard) ...we overwhelm ourselves to the point... that it takes forever to begin something that was only hard in our thoughts.... and it creates unrest in our beautiful hearts.

As most know I just started my vacation. It isn't about jumping around... saying I Am So Happy, or  saying that I am not. It is a time to get my 'own house in order'  literally and beyond(:

I am so not perfect, though my joy comes from focusing on keeping it very simple:

This is the only moment I have, what is most valuable to me?

I use this question, to get in touch with me. 

If I try to relate to others first, I have nothing that is me...

By starting there, I can 'be' anywhere, and this allows me to care for others in the way my heart feels like it was born to feel.

Most of us who are mostly the one responsible for the upkeep of our home, can relate to times when our home-care was not the top priority. I am so glad that my hubby isn't the kind of guy who pointed/points it out... lol

I will share more...

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 though right now... I just want to say I feel so much positive energy by engaging in this thread...  While I always get something so nourishing from your authenticity... this path of yours is uniquely and beautifully your own. 

Again though  thank you for your inspiration!


Again though  thank you for being you!

 love selfcare816?w=49&h=49&t=1

(aka Always Wonderful Possibilities)


affirmation #37973

I pump myself full of self-love whenever I am at home, and wish to do something deeply positive with my time. If the only thing I do with my time and energy, is run self love through my own energy field, I will have done a great deed for the human realm.



ENJOY Paul McCartney Carpool Karaoke WANTED TO SHARE IT WITH YOU(:

OMG  I love this thread it really resonates with me for it reflects my journey.  At one time not so very long ago, I was so troubled regarding health issues, uncertainty with employment, family issues, you name it. Not only was I suffering physically and emotionally the condition of my home reflected my turmoil. For "Me" it has been a journey of self discovery, awareness, grace, love and gratitude that has brought me out of the dark into the magnificent light of LOVE.

When I reflect on what has changed, quite simply it has been "Me" as a direct result my home is now my haven, my paradise for it is filled with the Love and joy that embodies "Me". It still has all the same things basically, just a couple of new things, cushions and pillows for the table and chair set on my front porch that perfectly match the wreath on my door.  Now I make time to care for "Me" lovingly. I laugh when I think recently I was outside doing yard work, "ME". I would never have done something like that previously but I found great satisfaction and joy in cutting back areas that were overgrown making it beautiful and pleasant for my eyes to see. One of the things that everyone sees when they come into my home is a plaque that says "I Love You More", it makes everyone smile, me too, because my home now truly reflects "Me" it is filled with positive energy, peace, harmony and above all the LOVE that I feel for myself and everybody.



Yes, I consider it as my safe haven. 


Nothing is better than going home to family and eating good food and relaxing.

- Irina Shayk

In response to AlwaysWonderfulPossibilities's post:

Thank you Self Care for all your lovely comments and for all your encouragement over the years.

bmindful is such a lovely safe space to open up and share

love and peace

In response to Nancee1953's post:

I love that your home reflects you and thank you for sharing .

For a long time our house has just resembled chaos and is now getting calm spaces and less "stuff" all over the place.
It must feel so good that your home reflects you <I would love someone to say what this house reflects now - maybe a work on progress


love and peace

In response to reallex's post:

thanks reallex ,I'm glad your home feels like that ,we all need a safe haven to come to

love and peace


In response to SelfCare/AppreciationView˚'s post:


ooooh I absolutely love this ,thank you for sharing Self Care







Does Your Home Give You A Hug?

It will today(:

In response to Nancee1953's post:


I love your pictures Nancee thanks for sharing them ,love and hugs

In response to flowergirl's post:

no video there just an intention... (:

I answered your question:

Does Your Home Give You A Hug?

It will today(: 

Involved in a big home project next few days, and I was believing my home would be my loving energy while I playfully create the look and feel of what I'm desiring(:dcdca4e4a3e46886a77aac0f19ce2db0.jpgc62d9a4e4f38be6fdb9188ecf2552064--affirmations-i-am.jpg

  • df9b1ce2234916da4af9c14a957fb2de--home-organization-organizing-ideas.jpg

love your post Self Care especially the last picture - it is calm .

the best hugs are a two way connection ,perhaps this poor house needs to feel loved and hugged and then it/she will make us feel loved and hugged in return


I could sit here for hours ,love the table and chairs ,the cream couch ,the cushion and of course the grass,trees.flowers Related image

In response to flowergirl's post: love yours..

Working on my mermaid motif lol

 I AM excited about the new day and look forward to it with anticipation and interest.

Today is a new day filled with new experiences and opportunities


 So much fun looking at possibilities for decorating/organizing & clearing! 

Thanks for inspiring

I'm loving  wonderful energy!


In response to SelfCare/AppreciationView˚'s post:

love this and so exited to see where the mermaid leads you !

I live how you create a wonderful party energy for when you are caring for your home

and you have given me an idea and the answer I have looked for in so many books ,websites etc

I love alternative therapies and energy healing so that is what I am going to give to our home to help heal all the pain of the past.




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Time to look out for some plants ,our cat used to eat them so I stopped having them inside but she is very old now and isn't interested


In response to flowergirl's post:

you're so cute(:





I know how I’d like to organize my life and I love doing it



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I love this cute Irish Cottage.

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