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It seems I find all sorts of stuff,

whilst I'm looking for something else.

That being the definition of serendipity

I thought I would start a thread for it.

We’ll pick you up!

YEAH!!! Serendipity is the way.....






Kind of reminds me of that obscure quote I've heard over the years.

"A funny thing happened on the way to the forum"


We’ll pick you up!












The perfect way to start a new day. Have a bliss, everyone. 

LYRICS &/music


I wanted a song about serendipity and I had no clue 1 actually existed(:

Hope someone somewhere at some time gets a good feeling from this(:

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Start a thread! Post something /you love!
Bmindful rocks!


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Ronald Reagan




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You see everything don't ya

Well not everything I do what I can.lol


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Top 10 Reasons Why Kids Get Angry


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video unavail



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I must share the joy of this Serendipity Day!!! I went out to my local market to purchase some leeks and ginger beer.  There was a table set up with some lovely ladies who called out to me. They asked if I would like a $10 gift card? I asked them what was required. They gave me a slip and told me to go to the different departments (produce, whole grains, protein and dairy) and provided me with a slip that had each department listed.  They explained after visiting all the areas listed to take the slip to the pharmacy department and I would be given a gift card. WOHOO. Well I went to produce and was given a sliced pear with a delicious dip that consisted of yogurt, peanut butter and cinnamon with the recipe. It might sound strange,  but it was delicious, we chatted about eating fruits and veggies in season to reduce food costs, it was very informative and enjoyable. I also shared a recipe using yogurt to prepare a super moist roasted chicken and expressed my gratitude. I  moved on to whole grains and learned even more again expressing my gratitude. Next was the meat department in which I learned about grass fed beef being much than corn fed beef. I concluded with the dairy department of course there was more gratitude. I am a confessed Foodie so I was in heaven as I went through the market. At the pharmacy department I was given a large tote bag with information on making healthy choices along with the gift card. As I headed toward the checkout I couldn't help but be filled with grateful and joy at such an awesome surprise, such amazing Serendipity :)



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Guess what? There is more... that same afternoon. my cousin who I love dearly called and told me she was coming by to bring me a gift. I told her she is the gift and that's okay but she came by anyway and brought me a lovely fragrance  Black by Kenneth Cole, I had never tried it before, it is just heavenly and  in beautiful packaging to boot. I was so very grateful not only for her, her thoughtfulness, but the wonderful unexpected gift. I gave her a shower curtain I had picked up for her, that matches her bathroom perfectly. She laughed and said "you are always giving me something, you can't give me something, I just gave you something" to which we both laughed. She asked me to accompany her to do some shopping. We always have a great time together, time spent is filled with joy and lots of laughter so of course I did. One of the stores went to had one of my all time favorite things-lamb. I  love lamb, chops, roast, ground whatever. It was at the best price I have ever seen in my life so very affordable I had to get it. We had such a wonderful time together, totally unexpected,  the Blessing of Serendipity.

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https://youtu.be/5jyAYGn5djsSerendipitous: The faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable


                      or agreeable things not sought for.

David R. Hawkins


Kind of reminds me of that obscure quote I've heard over the years.

"A funny thing happened on the way to the forum"https://youtu.be/KZibTPAi4fA?list=LLsfpQwSBTB8esodDmh_-aCQ

In response to The rational inquirer's post:


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  I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completen

We’ll pick you up!

Words are like seeds. When you write them out, they grow into your dreams and spark the imagination of others.

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